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Intimate apartment in modern classic style

Dobrawa Bies
24 of May '21
Technical data
Name: Wilanow apartment
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Warsaw
Studio: Naboo Studio
Architects: Aneta Dudek, Martyna Leśniewska
Interior design: MRENOVATIONS
Styling: Agnieszka Modzelewska
Area: 70 m²
Photos: Vertical Level


  • design
  • implementation


Anintimate apartment in Warsaw's Wilanów district is a combination of tradition and modern classic style. Architects Aneta Dudek and Martyna Leśniewska of Naboo Studio created bright, spacious interiors with color accents in the form of designer objects and large-format wallpaper in the bedroom.

The 70-square-meter apartment is located near the royal palace in Wilanów. The investors approached the architects with a request to completely transform the not very functional space - the living area was accompanied by only one bedroom. In order to separate the second room, now serving as a study, the designers adapted part of the living room along with one window.

Salon mieszkania na

An important task was to optically enlarge and brighten the living area

Photo: Vertical Level © Naboo Studio

tricks to enlarge the space

An important element was to optically enlarge and brighten the living area. The authors opted for white color in the kitchen and living room. White are the walls, the ceiling, the kitchen built-in, and the hanging cabinet under the TV. Smooth planes that reflect light dominate here. Only delicate and elegant stuccowork on the walls - an inherent element of the modern classic style - introduces variety. An element that enlarges the space is a large round mirror suspended over the table. It adds depth to the interior - it seems to open it up to another room. The unique visual effect is enriched by an asymmetrically hung lamp, which after dark provides an additional play of light and reflections.

Wygodna kanapa
w salonie Odbicie kuchni w lustrze

Round shapes are characteristic elements of the decor

Photo: Pion Level © Naboo Studio

Another optical treatment is the extension of the window decoration, so that it reaches far into the neighboring walls. The impression is created that there are more windows adjacent to the visible glazing - temporarily only covered by curtains. Such an arrangement also adds to the coziness of the interior. Interestingly, the architects came up with this idea when they wondered how to hide the radiator placed on the wall. The most important piece of furniture in the living room is, of course, a comfortable sofa. The piece of furniture is covered with a hydrophobic fabric that is stain-resistant and extremely easy to clean. At the legs of the furniture strolls an exclusive hand-woven carpet made of wool and silk.

Salon połączony
z kuchnią

The kitchen fronts open to the touch, and a marble countertop breaks the whiteness of the built-in.

Photo: Pion Level © Naboo Studio

minimalist solutions

A table with a round top placed at the junction of three zones - the lobby, living room and kitchen - binds these spaces together. It is also accompanied by light, comfortable, upholstered Yoki chairs. Their velour upholstery is another element that visually warms the apartment. In the corner by the table, as well as in the opposite corner, the designers placed plants in striking containers. These are flowerbeds from the award-winning Polish brand Bujnie.

We are big fans of it, and we try to introduce greenery into every interior to warm it up and give it more life," adds Aneta Dudek.

The kitchen cabin etry has been carefully thought out and has a minimalist character. Smooth white fronts are opened by touch. Stronger accents are marked against this background by black appliances. Attention is drawn to the kitchen countertop made of patterned granite. To expose its beauty, the authors decided to place it also in the side of the built-in. This makes it visible from the living room.

z ozdobną tapetą

Large-format wallpaper and burgundy accents add character to the bedroom.

Photo: Vertical Level © Naboo Studio

bedroom with a bio-fireplace

The private part of the apartment was to be luxurious and also kept in the modern classic style. Hence, among other things, the large-format Serseia wallpaper, inspired by a detail from a painting by one of the Dutch masters. On its background stood an upholstered bed. The soft headrest is a noble shade of maroon, which returns in the modernist form of another flowerbed from Bujnie set in the corner between the window and the wall with another large round mirror. The most important accessory in the bedroom (besides the bed), is the bio-fireplace.

Lustro i kwietnik
od Bujnie Biokominek w sypialni

A bio-fireplace in the bedroom is a dream come true for apartment owners

Photo: Pion Level © Naboo Studio

The vision of a fire in the privacy of the bedroom is undoubtedly an icon of luxury, as well as a dream for many people, but not easy to realize in the formula of a traditional fireplace, which requires, among other things, access to a flue. The solution is brought by bio-fireplaces. Such devices can be set up in any room with normal ventilation," explains Aneta Dudek.

Wnętrze łazienki Fragment kuchni

The floor of the entire apartment is oak

Photo: Pion Level © Naboo Studio

bathroom bathed in white

The bathroom of the Wilanów apartment is, like the entire apartment, bathed in white. Here, too, the floor is oak - but no longer in the form of panels, but in the form of ceramic tiles. Thanks to excellent design and workmanship, it is impossible to distinguish them from real wood. The wooden decor of the floor is combined with stoneware tiles on the wall, which imitate stone. A washbasin with soft geometric shapes also harmonizes with them. The whole is complemented by discreet concealed fittings. The glass shower cover remains almost invisible, and the washing machine has been hidden in the lobby's built-ins.

elaboration. : Dobrawa Bies

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