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Black and white interior from Atelier Starzak Strebicki

21 of April '20

The space of the single-family house had to be adapted to its inhabitants - four cats and a dog breed Dog de Bordeaux. In addition, the investors wanted to modernize the space to make it more comfortable for both them and the four-legged dogs. The combination of light granite and dark wood breathed new life into the interior, despite (or perhaps thanks to?) the reduction of decor colors.

So far, the interior of the house in Kiekrz was full of walls enclosing the space. The goal of the architects from Atelier Starzak Strebicki was to open it up, creating multifunctional, better-lit rooms. Divided into smaller rooms, the apartment was dark and cramped. The designers decided to incorporate the hallway into the living room and open up the kitchen so that, together with the living room and dining room, it would visually create one zone. Until now, it was the kitchen that the residents of the house were making the most of.

Space for animals

The architects did not forget about the pets living in the house, either. The dog's bed has been placed in an ideal place for him - he can monitor domestic activities, collect information about the actions of individual householders and observe the entrance area. In addition, since the bed is located in the kitchen, he can always hope for a treat falling "from the sky". Lining the floor and part of the first floor walls with "spotted" granite slabs allows easy cleaning of the surface and hides some of the dirt. The company of four-legged friends brings much joy, but also many responsibilities, including cleaning.

Wnętrze po remoncie Wnętrze przed remontem

From left: interior after renovation. From right: interior after renovation

Photo: Mateusz Bieniaszczyk

In areas less accessible to animals, the floor was made of ash planks, making the rooms seem warm and cozy. The furniture and dark woodwork were made of American walnut.

Although the interior was dominated by two strongly contrasting colors, this introduced balance, and by opening up the rooms, it was possible to create a space for family spending time.

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