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Power Concrete competition with winning CEMEX employees

12 of October '21

The Power Concrete competition, organized by the Association of Cement Manufacturers, ended with great success for the CEMEX Infrastruktura and CEMEX Poland teams. CEMEX teams took first and third place in the finals of the event. The results were announced during the 11th Concrete Days Conference in Wisla.

Fifteen teams of technologists from the construction industry took part in the qualification for the Power Concrete competition, from which five finalists were selected. Both teams representing CEMEX: CEMEX Infrastruktura and CEMEX Polska found themselves in the finals of the competition by taking the first two places in the qualification.

The finalists met on September 13 at the laboratories of the Department of Building Materials Technology at WIMIC AGH in Cracow. The teams' task was to design and produce a concrete mixture characterized by the minimum carbon footprint [kg CO2/m3] in relation to the highest average compressive strength [MPa] tested on three samples. The results of the competition were announced on October 11, during the ongoing "Concrete Days" in Wisla. The concrete samples were then subjected to a compressive strength test.

The best result was given to a team of CEMEX Infrastruktura technologists consisting of: Patryk Ślęczka, Marcin Siekierski, Łukasz Guzikowski and Mateusz Cichy, who won this year's Competition. Second place went to the STRUNOBET-Migacz team. In third place, meanwhile, was the CEMEX Poland team consisting of Marta Szklarzyńska, Damian Chelmecki, Patryk Chmura, Pawel Mofina and Lukasz Wlodarski.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time, so we are pleased that the final task of the edition was related to the topic of sustainable construction and products with a reduced carbon footprint, which are also very important to us. I congratulate all participants in the competition. I welcome the ideas of technologists whose projects are created in the face of key contemporary challenges, such as reducing emissions while maintaining the quality of concrete products," said Michal Grys, Director of the Materials Division, Member of the Management Board of CEMEX Poland.

About the Power Concrete competition

The Power Concrete competition was held for the sixth time. Fifteen teams of technologists from all over Poland participated in the event organized by the Association of Cement Producers. The participants' works were evaluated by a jury consisting of Prof. Jacek Śliwiński (Cracow University of Technology) Prof. Artur Łagosz ( AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow), Prof. Grzegorz Bajorek (Rzeszów University of Technology), Justyna Piotrowska-Łój, M.Sc. (Association of Producers of Ready-mixed Concrete in Poland) and Zbigniew Pilch, M.Sc. (Cement Producers Association).

CEMEX for the climate

Last year, the company announced its Future in Action strategy, according to which CEMEX has set its own global goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 40% by 2030 (compared to 1990 emission levels), while declaring a 5-year faster achievement of the previously established 35% reduction target, i.e. as early as 2025. In Europe, CEMEX boasts the achievement of the aforementioned target as early as 2020, so European plants plan to reduce emissions by as much as 55% by 2030, thus referring to the European Union's new CO2 reduction strategy.

In addition, CEMEX has announced that in 2050 it wants to supply its customers worldwide only with concrete with a zero carbon footprint.

CEMEX is a global building materials company that cares about a better future for future generations through sustainable products and solutions. Through constant innovation and extensive research and development, the company strives to achieve climate neutrality. CEMEX is a leader in the closed-loop economy in the construction sector, and through the implementation of new technologies, it is also a pioneer in the use of alternative fuels and secondary raw materials in production processes. CEMEX offers cement, ready-mixed concrete, aggregates and urbanization solutions in growing markets around the world, and its international team provides high-quality services to customers using digital technologies.
For more information, visit the CEMEX website.

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