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A conversation between Klaudia Lachcik and Boleslaw Stelmach

22 of January '20

We invite you to listen to a conversation with Boleslaw Stelmach, who shares his memories of his college years, talks about the responsibilities that architects bear, and reflects on the future of the profession.

Boleslaw Stelmach

Architect, owner of Stelmach and Partners Architectural Office, and since 2017 - director of the National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning. Author of the Chopin Center in Warsaw and the Meeting of Cultures Center in Lublin, among others.

Klaudia Lachcik

Architect, photographer, recently also a podcaster. Professionally connected with Warsaw and Amsterdam. As part of her broadcast "Architecture Should", she talks to interesting people connected with architecture, urban planning and land management. You can also listen to her podcasts on iTunes and follow her profile on Instagram.

podcast topic range:

Introduction and introduction of guest Boleslaw Stelmach.

Memories of college, first inspirations, teachers and professors, design revisions.

Doubts in studying and in the architectural profession.

Balance between theory and practice in architectural studies, need for reformation, formation of young architects.

[18:17 ]
The architecture of sensibility, visual permeation in public space, the struggle against design where only a pretty picture counts.

Stelmach and Partners office approach to design - simplicity, modesty, minimalism.

Persistence in architecture, eternity, philosophy, logic, workshop.

[28:48 ]
Challenges facing young architects, nomads, internet, likes, information chaos, manipulation.

[35:15 ]
Qualities and skills needed in an architect.

[40:45 ]
Necessary changes needed in the architectural landscape of Warsaw.

[47:25 ]
Exhibitions on the identity of Polish architecture.

Boleslaw Stelmach also answered our questions in the series "10 questions to..."

compiled by Dobrawa Bies

based on materials by Klaudia Lachcik

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