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Combination of copper and navy blue - interior design from Butterfly Studio

Wiktor Bochenek
11 of March '22

Interior architects from Butterfly Studio had the opportunity to experiment with an interior in Warsaw's Mokotow district. The most important things for the investors were elegance, timelessness and, above all, functionality.

na ścianach widoczne są delikatne, nowoczesne sztukaterie

Delicate, modern stuccowork is visible on the walls

photo by Natalia Poniatowska-Anczok, © Butterfly Studio

A sixty-five-square-meter apartment in Mokotow became a place for combining strong color accents and searching for solutions to make the most of the space. The investors are two young people, open to diversity.

Dominance of navy blue and brass

The interior designers decided to introduce a strong color accent in the interiors in the form of unobvious navy blue. This color is evident in individual details of the apartment - the kitchen cabinets, elements in the bathroom, the dressing table in the bedroom, as well as in the corner in the living room. Elements kept in navy blue correlate with white walls and a distinctive floor laid in French herringbone.

The navy blue color is complemented by brass. Most often appearing in accessories such as lamps, under pots and fixtures. Brass is visible in all the furniture in the apartment. Interesting is the color scheme of chairs and other furniture - where the focus is on variety. We can meet chairs in black, white, as well as finished in natural color. However, the color accents are dominated by navy blue and brass.

we wnętrzu dominuje granat i mosiądz

The interior is dominated by navy blue and brass

Photo by Natalia Poniatowska-Anczok, © Butterfly Studio

in search of functionality

It was important for the designers and investors to set aside as much storage space as possible. The first decision was to merge the bathroom with the toilet, which made it possible to design closets that allowed to hide the washing machine and dryer. In the apartment there was no place for a desk, but such a function is performed by a dressing table in navy blue, which was located in the bedroom.

w przedpokoju elementem dominującym jest biel

In the hallway the dominant element is white

photo by Natalia Poniatowska-Anczok, © Butterfly Studio

The authors of the project, Anna Baranowska and Joanna Felczuk, will talk about the arrangement process, changes in the layout and the investor's expectations.

Wiktor Bochenek: In the interior design, the color navy blue is most prominent. Why did you bet on this color?

Anna Baranowska, Joanna Felczuk: Your investor is enamored with navy blue buildings, so we decided to incorporate them into her interior as well. In addition, navy blue blends beautifully with marble and brass.



Photo by Natalia Poniatowska-Anczok, © Butterfly Studio

Wiktor Bochenek: What was most important to the investors?

Anna Baranowska, Joanna Felczuk: The most important thing was to design a coherent and functional apartment for years to come. Hence, a small desk and a considerable amount of storage space had to find their place in the design.

Wiktor Bochenek: What changes were made to the layout of the apartment?

Anna Baranowska, Joanna Felczuk: The toilet and bathroom were combined. Thanks to this, it was possible to hide a built-in washing machine in the resulting larger bathroom. In addition, the wall in the bedroom was moved so that capacious, large closets could be designed.

funkcjonalność była istotna przy projektowaniu mokotowskiego mieszkania

Functionality was important when designing the Mokotow apartment

photo by Natalia Poniatowska-Anczok, © Butterfly Studio

Wiktor Bochenek: What was the most difficult, and what are you most proud of?

Anna Baranowska, Joanna Felczuk: The most difficult thing was to solve the bathroom correctly. The client wanted both a shower and a free-standing bathtub. Unfortunately, it was not possible to introduce both solutions in this space. The final decision fell on the shower, and it turned out to be a hit. The final result exceeded the investors' expectations, they themselves now say that the bathroom is their favorite room of the entire apartment. In fact, we are most proud of the final realization, the project came out identical to the visualizations - not only we made sure that everything looked identical, but also your investor took care of every detail when choosing the final accessories.

Wiktor Bochenek: Thank you for the interview!

salon jest bezpośrednio połączony z kuchnią

The living room is directly connected to the kitchen

Photo by Natalia Poniatowska-Anczok, © Butterfly Studio

compiled and interviewed by Wiktor Bochenek

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