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Yin and yang, or black and white interior of the Na Mezzoli studio project

Ola Kloc
10 of March '22

In small apartments, we often rely on light colors, which are designed to optically enlarge the interior, reflect light and create an impression of spaciousness. What if we feel better surrounded by dark colors? How will black work in a small apartment?

ciemne furniture in the kitchenciemne furniture in the kitchenciemne furniture in the kitchen

dark furniture in the kitchen

photo: almond studio

In the design of a 48-square-meter apartment, architects from the Wroclaw studio Na Mezresoli faced just such a challenge - the investor dreamed of an almost monochromatic interior, in which the color accent would be a deep, almost black shade of navy blue.

ciemne meble kontrastują z jasnymi podłogą i sufitem detal ciemnych mebli w kuchni


photo: almond studio

yin, or darkness

So the designers created an interior full of contrasts, with dark colors dominating in the open living area - the living room with kitchen and dining room. Black are the furniture in the kitchen, the panels on the walls, the table, chairs, and even the carpet or the lamp over the table. These elements contrast with light-colored floors, ceiling, upper cabinets and curtains. The whole, as requested by the investor, is complemented by a soft navy blue sofa.

czarna jadalnia ciemny stolik w salonie

Left: black dining room; right: dark table in the living room

photo: almond studio

yang, or light

On the opposite side of the color palette are the bedroom and bathroom - bright colors dominate there, occasionally broken by dark accents in the form of a navy blue headrest and a black chair. Thanks to the consistent use of contrasts, the interior is consistent and harmonious.

sypialnia z miejscem do pracy czarne krzesło

bedroom with workspace

photo: almond studio

Kamila Piętka-Rakowiecka of Na Antresoli studio talks about the advantages of dark colors in interiors and ways to diversify monochromatic spaces.

Ola Kloc
: When I saw photos of this interior, my first thought was: "wow, how much black! What courage!". Tell us, please, where you got the idea to use such contrasting colors and such a narrow range of colors.

Kamila Piętka-Rakowiecka: The color scheme stems from the Investor's preferences. He told us categorically that he did not want any wooden elements in the apartment only stone, concrete and laminate. In addition, he specified that he wants the interior to be kept in monochrome only with a color accent in the form of blue fabric (sofa in the living room and wall panels in the bedrooms).

czarny stół w jadalni detal kanapy i designerskiej lampy

Left: black dining room table; right: detail of navy blue sofa and designer lamp

photo: almond studio

: Not many people opt for such a large number of dark colors in interiors. What are the advantages of such a choice?

Kamila: The plus of using dark colors is undoubtedly their elegance and luxurious character. Black also gives a masculine character in the interior.

: Interior design based actually only on two colors is quite a challenge! How to make such a minimalist and color-saving space not boring?

Kamila: By using diverse textures and structures.

widok na salon detal łazienki

Left: view of the living room; right: bathroom detail.

photo: almond studio

Ola: Thank you for the interview.

Ola Kloc

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