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Blush and go! Mi Bella beauty salon in Gdynia

Dobrawa Bies
10 of March '22
Technical data
Name: Mi Bella Beauty Salon
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Gdynia
Studio: bkm group.
Architects: Marta Komorowska, Bartosz Koszałka
Photos: Jakub Nanowski
Area: 80 m²
Implementation: 2021

Pastel pink, blue, geometric shapes and repetitive patterns - this is how the interior of the Mi Bella beauty salon located in Gdynia can be described in a nutshell. Responsible for this colorful project are Marta Komorowska, Bartosz Koszalka - architects from bkm group. studio The designers created an open space filled with multifunctional, specially designed furniture and appropriate light, which not only create the character of the interior, but also improve the work of the salon.

Salon urody Mi

Pastel pink, blue and oval forms are characteristic elements of the living room

Photo: Jakub Nanowski © bkm group.

The salon's area of eighty square meters has been thoughtfully divided into functional areas closely related to various fields of cosmetology. There is a common open space with a reception and waiting area, manicure and make-up stations. In addition, there are two spa rooms and a restroom available to customers.

recepcji Mi Bella Stół do manicure

The architects designed round-shaped furniture and introduced arches

Photo: Jakub Nanowski © bkm group.

harmony, but not boredom

Our desire was to re-solve solid and functional issues for the furniture and create a space that is harmonious and in no way boring, the authors say.

Light pink and blue are the dominant colors and accents of the interior. They contrast strongly with the bright, monochromatic floor and walls. The architects designed round-shaped furniture and introduced arches, and their rhythmic repetitions strongly define the space. The introduced curves soften the straight lines used in the design, visible on the walls, upholstery or reception counter.

szuflad recepcji Fragment łazienki

Appropriate lighting is also an important element of the interior

Photo: Jakub Nanowski © bkm group.

Ovals, curves and arches work well in both extremely modern interiors and those maintained in a minimalist spirit. Most importantly, the interior design is stylistically consistent with Mi Bella's visual identity, the architects add.

Rzut salonu
urody Mi Bella

The beauty salon is located on eighty square meters

© bmk group.

Open space and multifunctional furniture

The architects' goal was to create an open space for the salon, accessible to all. They designed a large manicure table and an open makeup niche where clients and employees can talk freely. It was also important to create furniture that can be used in multiple ways.

Otwarta nisza
do makijażu Poczekalnia
w salonie makijażu

Pink and blue accents appear everywhere in the salon

Photo: Jakub Nanowski © bkm group.

The idea was to make the products more accessible and more comfortable while doing the job. Like the reception desk, which has other functions besides greeting guests or answering the phone - it serves as a display for beauty products for sale, and on the other hand as a place to hang customers' coats, the authors say.

Pokój SPA Odbicie tapety
w lustrze

Each room of the spa has its own color and accent in the form of wallpaper with a floral pattern

Photo: Jakub Nanowski © bkm group.

a play of colors and light

The design of the salon can be described as a game of colors and light. Each spa room has its own individual basic color - light pink or blue - and a specially designed contrasting wallpaper with a floral motif. The authors tried to keep the interior consistent, incorporating all the necessary elements to enhance the work, such as fixtures that provide linear and evenly distributed light.

Wnętrze pokoju
SPA Element wnętrza spa,

The architects combined aesthetics of the space and ergonomics of work

photo: Jakub Nanowski © bkm group.

In a beauty salon, clients should relax and forget about their daily worries, which is why the interior climate is such an important factor in the design. The salon was designed with attention to detail - the aesthetics of the space and the ergonomics of work - the function of individual zones and the furniture were discussed with the investor already at the concept stage, the architects conclude.

elaboration: Dobrawa Bies

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