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"I would like to assist Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak in hacking the system." Dominika Wilczynska in her series "10 questions to..."

Ola Kloc
16 of July '20

"10 Questions to..." is a series of short interviews with architects and female architects, to whom we address the same pool of questions. For today's mini-interview, we invited Barbara Nawrocka and Dominika Wilczynska from the Krakow-based design office miastopracownia.

Dominika Wilczyńska - architect, graduate of the Cracow University of Technology. In 2012, together with Barbara Nawrocka, she founded a design group called Palce Lizać collective. Currently, the architects co-found the miastopracownia design office, where they design meeting places - from urban planning to furniture.

1. architecture in three words...?

Structure in an ecosystem.

2. The three most important buildings for you...?

Brother Klaus Zumthor's chapel, Oslo Snøhetty opera house, Casa das Histórias Souto de Moury. These in the first association.

3. most important book on architecture...?

Recently de Graaf's "Four Walls and a Roof," but I'm still influenced by Tim Ingold's "Weave the Open World."

4. most inspiring city and why...?

Vienna, because it is metropolitan and familiar at the same time. And Tel-Avivfor its sea of modernism.

5. architect with whom you would like to design something and why...?

I would like to assist Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylakin hacking the system.

6. hand drawing or computer drawing?

Syncretism and collage.

7. mockup or 3D model?

(May) it not be mutually exclusive.

8. modernism or postmodernism?

I officially adhere to modernism, post- is my guilty pleasure.

9. working after hours or sports?

Working after hours, cycling home.

10. architecture or business?

Architecture, of course.

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