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Gaming room, home playground and cloud beds. Interiors of the studio project 4 angles a table 5

Ola Kloc
14 of June '21

Ewelina Bialobrzewska, an interior designer from 4 angles a table 5 studio, faced the task of designing interiors in the upstairs and attic parts of the house. In the Golden Apple project, she arranged a bathroom with a laundry room and five rooms - a bedroom, a guest room, a mini-apartment with a mezzanine bedroom and a gaming room for a teenager, a Parisian-inspired girl's room and, for the youngest children, a fairy-tale space with its own playground. As she says, working on this project was an opportunity for creative madness. How did it turn out? See for yourself!



© 4 angles a table 5

Ola Kloc
: The order was for the design of the attic and part of the floor, arranging many spaces in different styles. What challenges did you face during this project?

Ewelina Białobrzewska: So honestly, the only challenge was the time of the pandemic, a lot of unknowns and some fears, both the investor's and mine. The pandemic put the project on hold for a while. Fortunately, after a temporary hiatus, we resumed work. The cooperation was extremely successful, there were few such challenges that left a mark on the project or caused sleepless nights ;) It is very possible that this was due to the investor's trust in me, her good preparation for cooperation and my sense or even reading her mind - as she herself noted ;)

pokój guestpokój guestpokój guest

guest room

© 4 angles a table 5

room for a teenager

: A significant portion of the space is occupied by a mini-apartment for the investor's son, a high school student, which occupies a total of more than 50 m². What makes this space stand out?

Ewelina: It sounds immodest, but there is no single distinguishing feature here. With so many interesting solutions, choosing one is very difficult, and certainly for me - the author of the project. When we enter his kingdom, we see a huge space with a wooden floor laid in a herringbone pattern, where I have planned a zone for relaxation and meetings with friends with a comfortable folding corner sofa and the iconic yellow RM58 arm chair[the author of the design of the armchair is Roman Modzelewski - editor's note]. In order not to run out of space for guests, I also designed a seat under the window. The entire knee wall is a veneered furniture development with a TV, a seat and shelves and drawers for storage, which curves onto the wall behind the desk. To add variety to the built-in, I used white and yellow fronts. Yellow also appears on the door to the room, which nicely ties together the relaxation, study and entry areas. The whole room is thoughtfully zoned so that the various functions don't mix.

The strefę relaxation zone is decorated with the iconic RM58 chairstrefę relaxation zone is decorated with the iconic RM58 chairstrefę relaxation zone is decorated with the iconic RM58 chair

The relaxation zone is decorated with the iconic RM58 armchair.

© 4 angles a table 5

Behind the wooden sliding doors is the dream of almost every teenager - a gaming room with colorful led lights to emphasize the character of the interior, seating for colleagues and a refrigerator under the desk to have cold drinks at hand when the game starts to get exciting and there is no time to go down to the kitchen. The mezzanine is a bedroom, which is accessed by a staircase that is also a closet with clothes. I separated the closet area from the sofa with an openwork steel-oak shelf, which looks beautiful on the wall covered with facing brick. The mezzanine is not high, so at the very beginning of the design a decision was made to make a skylight window to illuminate the space. A large sleeping mattress without a bed frame was placed on the floor, which has a soft wool carpet with colorful stripes, and a low cabinet was placed behind it for a bedside lamp and handy things. There was also plenty of room for shelves for books and trinkets, as well as built-in furniture for seasonal items. Densely braided ropes were installed on the edge of the mezzanine for safety. And when we look from above at this minimal apartment, we see that the aesthetics strongly refer to the style of the 50s and 60s, at the same time it is not "stuffy" and does not trump the mouse.

gaming room gaming room w pokoju

gaming room in a teenager's room

© 4 angles a table 5

: The mezzanine bedroom is separated from the rest of the mini-apartment by a recently popular screen of braided ropes, what are the advantages of such a solution?

Ewelina: Is it really a popular solution? I thought that lately the ubiquitous laths have been triumphant ;) And what are the advantages of braided ropes? There are many - it's quite an economical solution, you can make it yourself if you have the skills, you can use different braiding systems, densities, different sizes of ropes, it's also not "rigid" and easy to disassemble, it doesn't take up a lot of space, and it provides safety. What's more, the rope is made of natural materials - as long as you choose cotton or jute. Well, and above all, it is a lightweight divider, physically and visually, and looks nice.

sypialnia on mezzanine floorsypialnia on mezzanine floorsypialnia on mezzanine floor

mezzanine bedroom

© 4 angles a table 5

room for teenager and children's room

Ola: The room for the youngest children is a fairy-tale land - there are cloud beds, rainbows in the headrests, flower lamps and a mini playground, while in the room for a teenager, on the other hand, the interior is decorated with decorative wallpaper and colorful stucco. What was the design process for the children's interiors like?

Ewelina: When designing, I always start by talking to the investor, by seeing the house or apartment, to get a feel for the space and to get the investor's sense of what they like and what they don't necessarily like. This usually works by association: something pops into my head - some motif, a lamp, wallpaper, a color that I think fits perfectly and will appeal to investors. I put all the puzzles together, into one interior. In the kids' room such a jumping-off point was a rainbow, which is a very popular motif nowadays, then I imagined that the "jungle" wallpaper in the alcove with a ladder would look beautiful there, and by the way I fell into my hands beautiful flower lamps. And so, after the thread to the ball I sewed this interior.

pokój for the youngest children is a fairyland - there are cloud bedspokój for the youngest children is a fairyland - there are cloud bedspokój for the youngest children is a fairyland - there are cloud beds

The room for the youngest children is a fairyland - there are cloud beds,
rainbows in the headrests, flower lamps and a mini playground

© 4 angles a table 5

It was the same with the daughter's room - although here it started with pink shutters in the window, and as shutters it's Parisian interior, and as Parisian interior it's stucco, and as stucco it can't miss a beautiful chandelier, etc. It was very pleasant to design these rooms, in fact all the rooms in this project, but the children's spaces gave some permission for the imagination to work at high speed. And importantly, and super nice for me as an interior designer - there were no revisions.

pokój teenagerspokój teenagerspokój teenagers

teenage girl's room

© 4 angles a table 5

Ola: In addition to the children's rooms, you also designed the interiors of the parents' bedroom, guest room and bathroom. Each of them is in a completely different style, is such diversity an opportunity for creative madness, or is it more of a challenge than preparing one coherent interior design?

Ewelina: Definitely an opportunity for creative madness!

Ola: Thank you for the interview.


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