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Vintage, wabi-sabi and lots of light. Interiors of the new studio JAM KOLEKTYW.

15 of June '21
Technical data
Location: Poland, Warsaw, Poland
Architects: Anna Olga Chmielewska, Jola Skóra, Agnieszka Warnowska
Photos: Jola Skóra
Interior styling: Anna Olga Chmielewska, Jola Skóra


  • design
  • implementation


Designers from the design and creative agency JAM KOLEKTYW have recently boasted a new space for their studio. They moved it to downtown Warsaw's MDM, or Marszalkowska Residential District, which was established in the 1950s. From the studio's windows, they can observe Marszałkowska Street from the east, while from the west they can see the secluded courtyard. Thanks to such a location, natural light creates a unique mood in the interior, and the amphilad layout of the rooms builds a multi-plan.

The new location of JAM KOLEKTYW - Marszałkowska Residential District, was designed by a team of architects under the direction of Józef Sigalin and Stanisław Jankowski. The characteristic buildings belonging to this complex stretch from Wilcza Street to Plac Unii Lubelskiej. In 2015, MDM was entered in the register of monuments, and the ornamentation and facade of many of the buildings in this complex have been restored.

Pokój do spotkań
i system regałowy na ścianie

JAM KOLEKTYW's new studio is located on Marszalkowska Street.

photo: Jola Skóra © JAM KOLEKTYW

space full of inspiration

We wanted the studio space to be an inspiration for visitors. Here we show new solutions and present brands whose products and approach to design are close to our hearts. In our realizations we like to use vintage design and furniture and accessories made by craftsmen. Such elements have also found their way into the studio on Marszalkowska Street," the designers say.

The assumption of Anna Olga Chmielewska, Jola Skóra and Agnieszka Warnowska was to bring out the potential of the new place without interfering with the architecture, preserving the original details and the layout of the bathroom and kitchen appliances. They didn't have much time for the renovation work, so they entrusted it to the trusted company PRW Design. They ran the electrical system surface-mounted, hung linen curtains in the windows and blackout blinds in white in the design room. In the rooms, the floors managed to save the old beech parquet, which the designers extracted from under layers of carpeting. The wooden interior doors and doorframes were also original.

Holl wejściowy Wejście w stylu

The aesthetics of the lobby were kept in a wabi-sabi climate

Photo: Jola Skóra © JAM KOLEKTYW

lobby in wabi-sabi climate

The aesthetics of the lobby is maintained in a wabi-sabi climate close to the authors. Here the owners of JAM KOLEKTYW decided to remove layers of old wallpaper and paint from the walls. They left raw plaster on some of them, and painted the rest. As in the other rooms, they managed to salvage the old parquet floor here as well. Opposite the entrance to the studio stood a piece of furniture of the author's design - a light console on a metal frame with tops made of wood and quartz sintering. The designers decided on simple ceiling lighting, a large mirror also appeared here, in a black wooden frame, and the wing of the door leading to the kitchen is protected from closing by a rabbit-shaped stopper. The walls are decorated with a collage made by Clippings in a Thermos and a magazine display with publications of completed sessions and projects.

Liczne regały na
ścianie Anna Olga Chmielewska, Jola

A large table makes meetings possible

photo: Jola Skóra © JAM KOLEKTYW

meeting place

An important element of the studio is a large table realized according to the designers' concept. It facilitates meetings, intimate workshops and presentations of new products. An oval top made of quartz sinter floats on a structure of white steel legs. A decorative lamp with a pleated shade hangs above the table, and vintage chairs brought from the Netherlands are placed around it. The meeting space contains samples of finishing materials necessary for work, product catalogs and albums related to interiors, art and photography. Attention is drawn to ceramic objects by Inica.

Miejsce na odpoczynek Wiszący system regałowy

This space can change according to needs and circumstances

photo: Jola Skóra © JAM KOLEKTYW


The decor of this room changes according to needs and circumstances. The combination of living room, living room and home office offers great design possibilities. This solution allows us to present furniture and accessories both during the realization of arrangement photo shoots and meetings with our clients, the designers say.

Two coffee tables stand in front of the Lua sofa from the Noti collection. One of them is the author's JAM KOLEKTYW collection, while the other, a wooden one, is the Muse model. Behind it, a decorative composition hangs on the wall. The room space also included an upholstered pouffe designed by Krzysztof Milewski - Anna's dad, which is a prototype from the 1970s realized for a diploma at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. Meanwhile, a shelving system hanging on one of the walls serves as a home office.

Pokój projektowy

The design room is kept in soothing colors

photo: Jola Skóra © JAM KOLEKTYW

soothing colors

The design room, like the other rooms, is dominated by muted, neutral colors. A simple plywood table top rests on wooden trestles, vintage Lievore Altherr Molina office chairs stood by it. Above the table hang simple, minimalist lamps realized according to the designers' idea. The wall is decorated with a photograph by Jola Skóra from the Redheads series, which matches the color scheme of the studio, and a clock brought by Anna from a Belgian market. There is also a comfortable place to relax with a Nome armchair and a Queebo speaker-lamp.

Biel i złoto
w kuchni

The kitchen is also used for photo sessions

Photo: Jola Skóra © JAM KOLEKTYW

white and gold

Thekitchen with custom-made cabinetry, like the rest of the room, is the backdrop for the author's design photo shoots. Against the background of the walls and floor bearing traces of many previous renovations stood a simple, elegant built-in. Wooden furniture, gold and brass details and the stone structure of the countertop with an integrated sink provide a deliberate contrast to the entire room. An extension of the kitchen countertop are wooden shelves for storing kitchen accessories on the front decorated with brass sheet metal. The fronts of the cabinets are decorated with handmade handles.

On the opposite wall there was a small hanging table - a perfect place for morning coffee or working with a laptop. At the wooden table top stood Rotor hockers, whose frame was designed to be comfortable for users of different heights. The cozy corner is illuminated by a decorative, minimalist wall lamp made to order.

Różowa łazienka Wiszący stolik w kuchni

Roses in the bathroom and a hanging mini table in the kitchen

photo: Jola Skóra © JAM KOLEKTYW

pink is the new black

In our opinion, any space can be an inspiration. Using the example of the metamorphosis of this bathroom, we show how to create a unique atmosphere without a general overhaul. The basis, of course, is good quality equipment and a little more than usual fantasy," say the owners of JAM KOLEKTYW.

Pink, rubbed walls were painted with ceramic paints. Among other things, there are chrome flush-mounted faucets and a white handmade wall lamp. Next to the sink, Karl Lagerfeld glances at us, and the ceramic accessories in a pink h ue were created at the Inica studio . A decorative quartz sinter overlay stood on the restored cast-iron bathtub, and candlesticks complete the atmosphere of the space.

Nowa pracownia JAM

The designers, want the new space to serve, among other things, for common meetings

photo: Jola Skóra © JAM KOLEKTYW

Our goal is for the space we created to serve for common meetings and exchange of ideas about architecture, interior design and art. We hope that the new JAM KOLEKTYW studio will also become a place for commercial photo shoots and films, as well as for intimate events and workshops," conclude Anna Olga Chmielewska and Jola Skóra.

elaboration: Dobrawa Bies

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