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A playroom in the New World inspired by Asian markets. "Playroom" designed by Xicorr

Katarzyna Domagała
15 of June '21
Technical data
Name: Playroom
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Warsaw, Poland
Studio: Xicorra
Architect: Natalia Juszczyk
Photography: Natalia Juszczyk, Rafal Sikora

In the center of Warsaw, on Nowy Swiat, a creative and color-saturated place for the youngest has been created - a game room. The space is completely different from those we meet in most Polish cities, because it was inspired by Asian culture, or more precisely, city markets. And there it is full of people and colors! Welcome to the "Playroom" project by Natalia Juszczyk of Xicorra studio.

The project "Playroom" was created in 2020, commissioned by a foreign investor. Its author, Natalia Juszczyk of Xicorra studio, argues that from the beginning the cooperation was fruitful, as the investor had very specific, clear expectations from the concept. In the center of Warsaw, he wanted to open an original and creative space for the youngest, inspired by Asian culture, in which colors would play the main role. The whole was to be "dressed" in a modern, European form.

Thanks to clear guidelines, we managed, at the first shot, to fit in with the investor's expectations. We opted for simplicity, Asianness and colors," says Natalia Juszczyk.

Pastel colors were broken with orange and red

Photo: Natalia Juszczyk, Rafał Sikora

a space that stays in the memory

The investor was particularly inspired by Asian marketplaces, which became the main theme of the project. These spaces are vibrant, full of people and color. In many of them you will find special spaces with gaming machines, which had to be included in the "Playroom."

It is precisely because of the variety of colors, among other things, that the Xicorr-designed game room gives the impression of a place teeming with good energy. It is dominated by pastel shades of pink and blue broken by orange and red, which appears in minimalist furniture: poufs and armchairs, on pillars and real-size flamingos. The birds were printed using 3D printing technology.

We wanted to create an interior saturated with colors that will be memorable and associated with good energy after the first visits. This room is supposed to encourage action and fun! - explains the architect.

The "Playroom" space is open and spacious, despite the many elements that make it up. Paper lanterns, characteristic of Asian decor, hang from the ceiling, giving the impression of a fairy-tale atmosphere, as if taken out of the manggha! Pastel carpeting in geometric patterns neatly corresponds with the ceiling. The icing on the cake are the colorful gaming machines, also kept in pastel shades.

Game machines that blend in with the color scheme of the entire interior

Photo: Natalia Juszczyk, Rafał Sikora

a place of fun and relaxation for children and beyond

"Playroom", although dedicated to the youngest, also offers a place of relaxation for their parents. They do not have to leave their children inside and go to a nearby cafe. They can enjoy the colorful space together with them.

The author of the project revealed that the "Playroom" is part of a larger project - a space in the center of Warsaw teeming with Asian culture, which is to occupy about 800 square meters. All that remains is to wait for the results. And in the meantime, the Asian playroom can already be visited!

Katarzyna Domagała

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