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Interior as if from a movie. An apartment inspired by the works of Almodóvar

13 of October '20

Saturated red, honey yellow and shades of blue - these are colors that refer to the cinematic world of Pedro Almodóvar. They filled the interior of the apartment, giving it a cinematic feel, as expected by the investors.

Interior designers know that inspiration can be found everywhere. Literature, art, the world of cinema or music can be an endless mine of motifs. However, it is not often that an investor comes with a precise vision himself. This is what happened in this case. The apartment designed by the PURA design studio is filled with discreet references to the work of Pedro Almodóvar.

a play of colors

The owners of the apartment are fascinated by the films of this Spanish director. The clients approached us because at PURA design we are not afraid of color.

Maria Nielubszyc of PURA design says.

PURA design mieszkanie, kuchnia

A kitchen and dining annex in an apartment

© PURA design

The guiding colors are saturated red, honey yellow and shades of blue, which are characteristic of the director's work. Strong colors combined with lush vegetation create a modern Spanish interior atmosphere. The Mediterranean style is emphasized by the materials used, such as Italian terazzo tiles from Ceramica Fioranese. The interior combines elegance, highlighted by brass accessories such as the kitchen faucet and ceiling lamp, with a warm and cozy atmosphere, achieved through the use of oak wood.

movie frame

A motif that sends us back to the film space in an abstract way are the vertical divisions used in each room, which frame the space. Black slats and an industrial radiator in the living room, give the interior a distinct character. The arrangement also features mid-century modern style elements, such as the Pastform Furniture dresser.

PURA design

living room with wall dividers

© PURA design

individual character

Although the overall interior is cohesive, each room nevertheless has a distinct character. In the bedroom, a strong accent is the bed headrest and wainscoting in an intense sea blue shade. The cinematic passion of the apartment's owners is alluded to by the original movie posters hanging above the bed. The whole is complemented by the designer Dalu bedside lamp from Artemide.
The bathroom, on the other hand, is dominated by deep red combined with navy blue. Spanish tiles from Equipe Cerámicas were used behind the mirror and in the shower, reminiscent of hand-painted ceramics. Black elements such as the fixtures, cabinetry, lamps and mirror add character to the space.

Helena Postawka-Lech

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