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Katarzyna Lewandowska - "Multisensory spaces inspired by painting".

31 of May '21
Technical data
Type: undergraduate thesis
Year of defense: 2020
Name: "Design of multisensory spaces inspired by selected directions in painting".
Author: Katarzyna Lewandowska

Dr. Olga Kiedrowicz-Switalska


Agata Legawiec

The goal of exploration in the design process is two mobile multisensory spaces, which are peculiar exhibition-interaction objects. Each of them will ultimately be inspired by two selected directions in the art of painting. Their interiors will intertwine issues of art, multisensory, sound installations. They will be set in an exemplary hall, this will be one way to present them to users.

The senses will become a key element of the project, as the diversity associated with them allows for a deeper and more insightful perception of the space. The multisensory nature of the project is expected to make the viewer reach deep into himself, immerse himself in his sensations. The mechanisms used and multisensory sensations will stimulate certain emotional states.

Hala, kolaż Obiekt 01 —
kubizm-impresjonizm (kolaż)

hall space and interior of the facility 01

© Katarzyna Lewandowska


For years, my interest in art has made its various directions intertwine and draw from each other. Translating them into the language of interior architecture is an amazing experience. My goal was to design multisensory spaces inspired by selected directions in painting. Activating selected senses is the most important element here - it stimulates the process of experiencing and enriches the sensations while moving through the space.

Obiekt 01 rzut Obiekt 02 — rzut

object 01 and object 02, projections

© Katarzyna Lewandowska

The multisensoriality that has been "introduced" into the project, such as the intermingling of different colored lighting, the overlapping of designated zones, the differentiation of materials by contrast, details and finishes, or the design of the sound installation, is intended to create conditions in which the user feels an integral part of it. The chosen trends and their associated characteristics were the starting points for catching the key mechanisms, relationships and effects (visual, sound or haptic). During the design process, subjective feelings in the reception of art and intuition were the most important. These made up attempts to create an authorial design language inspired by directions in art.

obiekt 02 —
realizm-neoimpresjonism (wizualizacje)

object 02 - realism-neo-impressionism

© Katarzyna Lewandowska

effects of the search

The results of the search are two mobile multisensory spaces, which are peculiar exhibition-interaction objects. Situated in the exemplary space of the hall, they were arranged diagonally, separated by means of color differentiation of the floor. This treatment emphasizes the individuality of each form.

multisensoryczne inspirowane malarstwem, przekrój obiektu 01

cross-section of the object 01

© Katarzyna Lewandowska

The unifying element of the two disparate spaces is the seating supplemented by glass curtains/panes. Waving elements from the space inspired by Cubism and Impressionism and cylinder shapes from the space of Realism and Neo-Impressionism created complementary forms. As the waves disperse through the hall, they are lower and lower until they disappear, leaving the seats alone. Those designed on the borderline between dark and light floors take on the colors of the floor accordingly, becoming a complete part of it. The seating forms were supplemented with lighting in a replicated wave shape.

cross-section of the object 02

© Katarzyna Lewandowska

The use of monochromatic colors in the hall's space was intended to encourage the user to explore the two galleries, where colorful beams of light emerge. A zone with a multitude of seats promotes tranquility and relaxation on the one hand, and interaction with other visitors on the other. The feeling of tranquility is enhanced by the greenery filling the highest level of the hall. The various zones of the hall emphasize selected senses, but it is worth mentioning that these senses constantly intermingle. The correlation between sight, touch, hearing or sensing the position of the body in space is inseparable. Our body reads the heaviness of given elements, their position in space, temperature or the material used.

Główna hala

interior of the exhibition hall

© Katarzyna Lewandowska


The project aims to indicate the essence of the mutual "interpenetration" of art directions and emphasize their inseparability. It is an encouragement to independent, bold explorations in the area of design.


Illustrations © Author

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