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Interior life - design project for contemporary, elegant and comfortable space

Wiktor Bochenek
22 of November '21

The investors wanted elegant modernity, consistent colors and harmonized details - this was the challenge they presented to interior architect Katarzyna Kraszewska. In addition to aesthetic requirements, functionalism was important.

For a three-story house intended for a family with two children, not only were new interiors designed, but also changes were made to the layout of the rooms. A staircase to the attic and skylights were added, and the top storey was adapted for living space.

view of the living room from the lobby

photo by Tom Kurek ©Katarzyna Kraszewska

first floor

The first floor is designed with a living room connected to the kitchen and dining room, and a study. The hallway is the only room in the house distinguished by its matte black color scheme. The walls and ceiling are kept in darker tones. To avoid the impression of darkness, the doors leading to the next rooms were glazed. The floor in the lobby was laid with white and black strips of stones.

The lobby kept in dark color tones

Photo: Tom Kurek ©Katarzyna Kraszewska

The next room is the staircase, contrasting in color with the lobby, revealing the dominance of beige and gold. Pots with lush plants were placed next to the staircase, and a painting by Agata Cheremushkin Chrut was displayed on the wall.

The staircase is an important element of the interior

Photo: Tom Kurek ©Katarzyna Kraszewska

A small guest bathroom was also placed on the first floor. It is finished with white veined Fiore di Bosco marble and brown mosaic on the floor. The room, despite its small size, creates the illusion of a large one thanks to a mirrored wall opposite the entrance.

The guest bathroom

photo by Tom Kurek ©Katarzyna Kraszewska


The kitchen was composed of two parts - working and representative. The color scheme is based on shades of gray, visible in the furnishings of the room. Glazed cupboards were decorated with fluting to give them a roughness alluding to the door leading into the room. The countertops were made of granite. The floor was made of natural stone and quartz sinter imitating Pietra Girgia marble.

kitchen island

Photo: Tom Kurek ©Katarzyna Kraszewska

Next to the kitchen, a dining room was designed, whose shape was defined by a semicircular wall of windows overlooking the terrace and garden. The dining rooms are decorated with a large crystal chandelier. The shape of the table was adapted to the glass bay window. Upholstered chairs were placed around the table.


photo by Tom Kurek ©Katarzyna Kraszewska

living room

The living room is a place of rest for all family members. The focal point of the living room is a pillar clad in veneer, where a gas fireplace framed by natural stone of volcanic origin was installed. On the opposite wall a television was hung. Opposite it a gray corner sofa was placed, from which one can watch the fire in the fireplace or watch TV. The interior was lit by wall sconces, an additional source of light is a large white lamp with a stone base, which was placed on the console behind the sofa. A beige carpet was laid on the floor.

living room - a meeting place for household members

Photo: Tom Kurek ©Katarzyna Kraszewska


A small study hidden behind a sliding door was placed next to the living room. The study could not create a dissonance with the living room arrangement, which was important at the design stage. The furnishings of the small room consist only of bookcases with fluted fronts (also used in the kitchen), a small desk with a distinctive brown shade and a black accent in the form of a wall lamp, complementing the whole.

A study placed next to the living room

Photo: Tom Kurek ©Katarzyna Kraszewska


The second floor is the private area of the house. It includes the hosts' bedroom, a spacious dressing room, a bathroom, a daughter's room and an exercise room - a home gym. The central place in the bedroom is occupied by the bed, next to which stood bedside tables finished in light veneer. The base and headrest of the bed are upholstered with beige soft tannin. The same material was used to upholster the wall panels placed on both sides of the furniture. The rest of the furnishings were custom-made according to the designs of the author of the project - Katarzyna Kraszewska. A bright dressing room with rows of closets and a dressing table was designed behind glass double doors.


Photo: Tom Kurek ©Katarzyna Kraszewska

The bathroom on the first floor was kept in all-white tones. The sink and bathtub were made of Corian. Quartz sinters mimicking the drawing of marble were used on the walls and floor. Behind the glass door, next to the bathtub, there is a shower cubicle.

The toilet designed for the household members

Photo: Tom Kurek ©Katarzyna Kraszewska


The goal of the project was to create a space that is contemporary, elegant and at the same time comfortable for those who will use it. A subdued arrangement of beiges and grays punctuated with black and gold in a few places creates a cohesive effect. The interiors have a calm, light atmosphere that does not reject pomposity or incongruity. The execution of the space of this house meets the investors' required needs. The climate created by the surroundings is close to what we require from a house.


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