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Connecting spaces - project of Ofisovnia studio office

18 of March '22

Office space for manufacturing companies is quite different from what corporate "open space" requires. The interpenetration of the office and warehouse sections was the biggest challenge for Ofisovnia, a studio specializing in employee interior design.

The most important thing in the office design was to find a way

to properly combine warehouse and office space

photo by Jakub Dziedzic Wnętrza Kraków, © Ofisovnia

The company's headquarters is located in Mnikow near Krakow. The most important element in this realization was to create comfortable working conditions for production management employees. The space had to be adapted in an unusual way - combining the warehouse and office part.

w recepcji znalazło się miejsce na wyjątkowe zieloną ścianę

In the reception area, there was room for a unique green wall

photo by Jakub Dziedzic Wnętrza Kraków, © Ofisovnia

Theusable area is over one thousand two hundred square meters. The office part has a separate entrance, which means that employees and business partners will not pass through the warehouse. This way of indirectly combining different functions in the office space allows for better internal logistics of the company and more comfortable and friendly working conditions.

sala konferencyjna została oddzielona szklaną ścianą, izolującą tę przestrzeń

The conference room was separated by a glass wall, isolating this space

photo by Jakub Dziedzic Wnętrza Kraków, © Ofisovnia

referring to the logo

The color scheme of the interior is meant to directly reference the black and yellowlogo of the manufacturing company. The yellow is visible in the built-in storage racks, office containers, pots, furniture and accessories - contrasting with the rest of the white and black equipment. Another element that expands the space is greenery - from small accents in the reception area to large pots of lush flowers. A so-called " green wall" has appeared on one wall. It is already visible at the very entrance - a strong yellow accent is visible in the reception counter, partially open to the next rooms.

ażurowe regały są istotnym elementem dzielącym przestrzeń w biurze

Openwork bookcases are an important element dividing the space in the office

photo by Jakub Dziedzic Wnętrza Kraków, © Ofisovnia

The floor was covered with a carpet composed of transversing rectangles, which form a leaping pattern in black, gray and white. The office was divided by openwork bookcases. The conference space has been separated by a glass wall, allowing for proper intimacy and business meeting conditions.

combining elements

As emphasized by the authors of the project, Ofisovnia studio - the most important thing was to unify the character of the office and successfully combine it with the warehouse space. There is no detail in the office beyond the imposed color scheme, which was dominated by grays, black, white and the strongest distinctive yellow.

recepcja jest przestrzenią, w której żółta tonacja jest najważniejsza

The reception area is the space where the yellow tones are most important

Photo by Jakub Dziedzic Wnętrza Kraków, © Ofisovnia

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