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Natalia Przybyszewska - "Dedicated space"

20 of April '23
Technical data
Type: engineering thesis
Year of defense: 2022
Name: "Dedicated space".
Author: Natalia Przybyszewska
University: Faculty of Architecture, Bialystok University of Technology.

Dr. Tatiana Misijuk prof. PB

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Diploma 2021/2023".

The aim of the work is to adapt a selected space in the center of Lodz for a place where one will be able to get acquainted with the figure and work of Katarzyna Kobro in a special way. The author has decided that it will be a café with an educational annex and exhibition space, and the character of its interior will refer to the sculptor's work.

W lokalu znajdują się trzy rodzaje miejsc do konsumpcji i odpoczynku

The premises include three types of places for consumption and relaxation

© Natalia Przybyszewska

The premises selected for the project are located on the corner of Piotrkowska Street—the longest and most famous street in Lodz—and Adam Mickiewicz Avenue. The project consists of two spaces—the first is the existing premises, which is the main hall, and the second is an additionally designed glazed exhibition area.

„Przestrzeń dedykowana”, rzut

"Dedicated space", projection

© Natalia Przybyszewska

The main hall includes a bar, a consumption area, an educational space and a sanitary area. The bar is noticeable as soon as you enter the café—it has the form of a ribbon stretching across the space. Thanks to the special design, mirrored elements on the walls and the materials used, the bar gives the impression of floating in the air.

W głównej sali mieści się bar

The main hall houses the bar

© Natalia Przybyszewska

There are three types of places for consumption and relaxation in the premises. The first is designed for a group of six and two—the form resembles a ribbon that unfolds in the space. The part of the ribbon that is on the wall is covered with mirrors to give depth and reflect the light of the lamps. The lamps are attached to a suspended element and illuminate the space above the tables.
The second space is a long high table at which four red bar chairs are set. The furniture is placed in front of a panoramic window, which offers a view of the center of Lodz.

„Przestrzeń dedykowana”, przekrój B-B

"Dedicated space", section B-B

© Natalia Przybyszewska

The third space is made up of two equally furnished spaces, which are separated by two forms referring to the ribbon. These forms emerge from the side walls, bend, running vertically down and connect to the floor. On the vertical part of the ribbon hang paintings depicting Katarzyna Kobro. The paintings were placed at the edge of the red forms and exposed with light coming from a spotlight. The vertical part of the ribbon serves as a wall for privacy. The spaces are furnished with sofas, a table and armchairs.

Kącik edukacyjny i widok na salę Kącik edukacyjny, na ścianie zdjęcia Katarzyny Kobro

educational corner

© Natalia Przybyszewska

The educational corner is formed by the designed form of a bookcase with a connected table for three people. On the walls in this corner are placed the same three photographs of Katarzyna Kobro, differing only in saturation and contrast.
The walls in the cafe are white, the exception being one in indigo and one with a stylized graphic.

Przeszklona część to oranżeria

The glazed part is the orangery

© Natalia Przybyszewska

The second space is a glazed section called the orangery. The furniture in it has been designed so that it can be easily and freely rearranged, depending on the situation, so that vernissages, exhibitions and author meetings can be held here.

„Przestrzeń dedykowana”, oranżeria

"Dedicated space", orangery

© Natalia Przybyszewska

The glazed interior becomes part of the promenade, passers-by see the sculpture display, the designed interior, as well as the people in it. Like the spatial actions of Katarzyna Kobro, the designed interior shapes the space and plays with its form. It is created by a ribbon of tabletop disappearing into the depths of a mirror, a table top transforming into an overhang with lighting, a partition between seats giving a sense of privacy or a conservatory that opens the premises to people and the city. The saturated colors allude to those used by the artist in her work. It all relates to Katarzyna Kobro's theory of space, which I tried to reflect in my project.


Illustrations: © Author

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