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NVIDIA Studio: modern technologies reduce architects' work time

31 of May '24

In today's world, where deadlines are short and project requirements are getting higher, tools that increase work efficiency are becoming essential.

The NVIDIA Studio platform is just one of those innovations that is revolutionizing the way professionals in the architecture industry work. Using advanced GeForce graphics cards, NVIDIA Studio offers not only accelerated rendering, but also smooth editing and stable performance, which is crucial in an architect's daily work.

Generating moodboards with the help of AI

Creating moodboards is an essential part of the initial phase of any project. Thanks to GeForce RTX cards equipped with Tensor cores, used in AI-based tasks, the process is not only faster, but also more intuitive. Architects can easily generate inspiring moodboards to help communicate with clients and the team.

Rendering and visualization in real time

One of the most time-consuming parts of an architect's job is rendering designs. The NVIDIA Studio platform, which includes certified desktops and laptops, free software and dedicated drivers, significantly speeds up this process in applications such as Blender, D5 Render and SketchUp. The ability to create realistic visualizations faster not only reduces the time spent working on a project, but also makes it easier to make changes and experiment with different concepts in real time. In addition, Studio drivers ensure the highest stability of creative applications.

Video editing

Architects are increasingly using video presentation of their designs. The NVIDIA Studio platform provides seamless editing of graphic materials, even at high resolution, using programs such as DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere. This is crucial when deadlines are pressing and clients expect a professionally prepared presentation.

vision: © Majchrzak Pracownia Projektowa

DLSS technique in the work of an architect

Widely known for speeding up games, the Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technique is also available in applications used by developers, including D5 Render and Blender. Among other things, it provides a smooth real-time preview of designs and work on larger and more detailed architectural visualizations. Also accelerated by GeForce RTX graphics cards, the denoising process in Blender allows for instant editing of designs. This allows architects to present changes to clients in real time and instantly adjust designs to meet their expectations.

Certified laptops and desktops

NVIDIA Studio is both software and hardware. NVIDIA Studio-certified laptops and desktops that meet the high standards necessary for architectural professionals are available in the Media Expert store chain. As a result, architects can be sure that the hardware they work on will stand up to all challenges.


The NVIDIA Studio platform is changing the face of the architecture industry, offering tools that not only speed up work, but also enable a creative approach to design. With advanced technologies and strong hardware support, architects can now realize their visions faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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