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Perfect Imperfection - a collection of wallpapers and acoustic paintings by Muraspec

31 of May '24

"Perfect Imperfection", is a collection of graphics created by Dagmara Jakubczak and translated into Muraspec wallpaper patterns and Fovere acoustic paintings. The aesthetically multifaceted decorative motifs, inspired by rock drawings, combine contemporary mural art with primitive expression.

obraz akustyczny

acoustic painting

© Muraspec

Perfect Imprefection on wallpaper

Dynamic motifs, drawn with non-ideal lines and printed on a raw vinyl base with a concrete texture, is a message that is authentic in its expression. Aesthetically reaching back to primitive art (cave drawings) and street art (murals), it skillfully combines contemporary art with the expression of the past.

Designs designed by Dagmara Jakubczak are embedded in the community (family, social group), related to the activities carried out in it (dancing, playing ball) and directly related to nature: seasons, landscapes. In addition, in the case of wallpapers, characters multiplied in a mirror image, create optical illusions, full of dynamism and emotion.
In the collection of wallpapers "Perfect Imperfection" 5 patterns referring to the seasons are present, as well as Players graphics presenting the dynamics of interaction.
All wallpapers are printed to order. They can be viewed here.



© Muraspec

Perfect Imprefection in acoustics

The "Perfect Imperfection" acoustic images arrest rhythm and action in static frames. Lighting a fire, playing ball, dancing, giving flowers - these simple and sincere stories from everyday life told by Dagmara Jakubczak in the language of art, delight the contemporary viewer.
The paintings, which measure 90x 60 cm, are printed on 12 mm thick Fovere acoustic felt (other dimensions on request).
The collection features 13 unique, abstract graphics that can be used in any home or office interior, to decorate the space and improve acoustic comfort.

Acoustic paintings to be seen on Fovere's website.

obrazy akustyczne

acoustic paintings

© Muraspec

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