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Polish architects designed the interior of a hotel in England

Wiktor Bochenek
03 of February '22
Technical data


England, Leeds


Delta Queens Hotel Limited

Lead architects:

Katarzyna Bodurka, Agnieszka Dziedzic

Design team:

Katarzyna Bodurka, Agnieszka Dziedzic, Dorota Gazda, Magdalena Kluba, Olga Filipowska, Joanna Brych, Karolina Stawoska, Karol Chajdys


approx. 2900 m²

The Queens Hotel opened in 1937 and has since become an important landmark on the map of English Leeds. From the beginning, it was among the most luxurious hotels in Britain. Eighty-four years after opening, the interiors have undergone a spectacular metamorphosis, for which the Cracow-based design studio Iliard Architecture & Interior Design is responsible.

projektanci starali się połączyć historyczny charakter i nowoczesny design

The designers sought to combine historical character and modern design

© Iliard Architecture & Interior Design

The building of The Queens Hotel in Leeds has been listed as a historic landmark. It is an example of art-déco architecture. Designing the new spaces required not only preservation permits, but also the right approach to the unique space.

Our goal was not only to preserve, but even more strongly emphasize its historic identity, In the project we sought the perfect blend of tradition and current interior design trends so that the new face of the hotel would become attractive to contemporary audiences and guests," says Iliard Architecture & Interior Design co-founder Wojciech Witek.

architekci postawili na ciemną kolorystykę

The architects opted for a dark color scheme

© Iliard Architecture & Interior Design

starting by changing the layout

However, the investor was ready for changes. The functional layout of the hotel was completely transformed. Behind the main entrance to the hotel, a lobby space was located, which was directly connected to the bar and café, allowing to observe the city. In this way, the designers created a spacious common area available to guests as soon as they crossed the hotel's threshold. This solution also allows not only tourists, but also Leeds residents to use the bar and café.

lobby zostało przesunięte w głąb hotelu

The lobby has been moved deeper into the hotel

© Iliard Architecture & Interior Design

The developer was keen to ensure that after the renovation The Queens would once again be vibrant and an important point on the map of Leeds, one of its calling cards. Just as it was when the hotel was built," explains Wojciech Witek.

looking for inspiration for the interiors

The designers decided to use an unusual solution - to move the reception desk deep into the hotel space. Maintained in black and brown tones, punctuated by a light beige fireplace, the reception desk is illuminated by three unique lamps. The first, shaped like a circle. The second, composed of a network of small lights. The third, referring to the art-déco style composed of two intersecting hemispheres. In the reception area there was space for bookcases filled with books and handicrafts. The reception counter was made of dark wood. Moving this space further from the entrance was to create a more comfortable, intimate environment.

ważnym elementem wystroju są wyjątkowe lampy, nawiązujące do początków The Queens

An important design element is the unique lamps, which hark back to the early days of The Queens

© Iliard Architecture & Interior Design

The new functional layout created space for the Grand Pacific restaurant, which has an outdoor terrace. The designers opted for a dark color scheme - selecting furniture and flooring made of exotic wood. Seat upholstery was made of brown leather. The dark tones are tried to complement geometric decorations made of metal, warm lighting and the introduction of light elements, such as seats at the bar, columns and wallpaper.

The design basis for the interior decor was formed by what already existed in the hotel before: wall and ceiling decorations. The ribbed ceiling in the new lobby was finished with decorative plaster and accented with light. The furniture was custom-made. In many areas it was decided to strip off the old carpeting and expose and restore the original wooden floor. In parts, it was decided to introduce new carpets, the designs of which were made by the architects.

sprzęty do ćwiczeń wraz z wystrojem mogą tworzyć dysonans, ale świadczą o nowoczesności

The exercise equipment along with the decor may create dissonance, but it is indicative of modernity

© Iliard Architecture & Interior Design

The new lobby and restaurant are just a part of the overall designed hotel complex. Architects from Krakow-based Iliard Architecture & Interior Design also designed ballrooms, meeting spaces, gyms, public restrooms, and a planned future wine bar.

The Queens Hotel in Leeds required a different approach - respecting the historic art-déco style while providing a modern vision. Creating a merely historicizing space was not an option. The Iliard studio team had to combine modernity with tradition. The decor used consists of modern and historicizing, adapting to the new functions without creating an impression of inconsistency.

lobby hotelu The Queens w Leeds

The lobby of The Queens hotel in Leeds

© Iliard Architecture & Interior Design

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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