Muraspec Sp. z o.o.

Muraspec is an international leader in the commercial wallpaper sector. Our heritage dates back to the 1950s. The products' worldwide reputation is testament to their exceptional quality and unique style. When you choose Muraspec wallpapers for your projects, you are assured of the highest quality products with excellent performance properties, approved and certified,
Why bet on a specialised product? Walls in offices, hotels, restaurants, clinics, hospitals and other commercial spaces are surfaces that require special properties from wallpaper. This is where durability, resistance, ease of cleaning, flame retardancy and increased hygiene levels count above all. By choosing MURASPEC wallpapers, the investor is assured of all these advantages, including antibacterial protection (Biomaster coating based on silver ions).
The design of Muraspec wallpapers is also at the highest aesthetic level. Patterns, colours and surface textures are created by designers with different interior types and user needs in mind. In addition to aesthetically timeless decorations such as stripes or ornaments, the customer can choose from geometric and floral patterns, abstractions, gradients.
It is also possible to produce wallpaper according to an individual design.

The Muraspec wallpaper range is synergistically complemented by acoustic felts from recognised manufacturers. Among the brands we work with are AUTEX, ZINTRA and the Polish manufacturer FOVERE. Each of the brands we work with offers PET felt of the highest quality, certified and ecological (a minimum of 70% of the product is recycled material).
FOVERE acoustic felt is softness and cosiness based on a solid foundation of quality, manufacturing perfection and design. The use of Fovere products significantly improves acoustic comfort in public and private interiors, which benefits the health and well-being of those who live and work in them. Delightful colours and felt patterns add to the attractiveness of the proposed acoustic solutions.
For interior designers, the Fovere range includes openwork panels, v-cut panels, laths, acoustic tiles, mobile screens, ceiling slings and lamps. Any other acoustic structure, Muraspec will manufacture according to the project.

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