Unusual wallpapers to enliven your interior

09 of December '21

Walls in our homes are increasingly no longer just a single-color surface. They are increasingly becoming internal structures, built-in art galleries, passports reminding us of distant, emotional lands and mental balms providing visual solace and familiarity.

Tapeta Utopia

Utopia wallpaper

© Muraspec

Ted Baker is a designer who likes to combine traditional and contemporary styles, eager to draw on patterns and colors from nature while staying true to an aesthetic of sublime elegance. Ted Baker's collaboration with the British brand Muraspec, a renowned wallpaper manufacturer, has brought a range of new designs in which we can rediscover the beauty of nature. The five unique designs are Tulip Gardens, Wilderness, Utopia, Antiquity and Tropics.

Tapeta Tulips

The new line of wallpapers designed by Ted Baker London are delivered on a roll,
consisting of 4 panels with a total area of 2.4 m wide and 2.5 m high.
These wallpapers will turn any wall into a decorative mural

© Muraspec

The charming fairy tale pattern was inspired by the botanical drawings of the oriental gardens at Kew Gardens in London. Just look at the UTOPIA wallpaper to understand the meaning of the statement - Nature is the greatest source of ideas. Attention is drawn to the extraordinary depth and richness of vegetation characteristic of Ted Baker's designs.

Tapeta Antiquity Tapeta Tropics

Antiquity and Tropics wallpapers

© Muraspec

If you need solace, a nostalgic wallpaper comes to the rescue - WILDERNESS, inspired by the landscape of the English countryside. Maintained in a sophisticated color palette, it is like a sunny day at the end of summer stopped in a frame.

Certainly the most ornate wallpaper in the range is called ANTIQUITY. A feria of colors, a sea of flowers is what sets it apart. The rich, botanical pattern, digitally printed on a delicately pearlescent textile base, delights with a painterly take on the theme and a sophisticated color palette.

The time has also come for the highly coveted tropical motifs And immediately such in XL version. We recommend the TROPICS wallpaper for total relaxation under the palm trees in your own home.

For more information, visit the company's Muraspec Sp. z o.o. page on PdD.

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