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Wallpaper and acoustic materials for commercial tasks

01 of July '20

Muraspec wallpaper and acoustic materials
From the series "Modern wall materials - trends 2020".

Muraspec is a world-class manufacturer of professional wallcoverings. For more than 130 years, the company has been supplying the market with creative decorative wall finishing solutions for the facility and individual market. Muraspec wallpapers are used in high-end hotels and spa facilities, restaurants, hospitals and offices around the world. On the Polish market, Muraspec's cladding offer is comprehensively complemented by high-quality acoustic materials: wallpapers, panels, walls, 3D tiles and ceiling installations.

Muraspec object-oriented vinyl wallpapers

The term "object-oriented" encompasses the sum of features that make investors and designers of commercial interiors appreciate Muraspec vinyl wallpapers. These include fire resistance, high resistance to mechanical damage, durability, as well as antibacterial properties. It's also increased resistance to staining, scrubbing, scratching, impact, and the maintenance of micro-cracks in walls.

Tapeta Gatsby ©

Gatsby and Hexagon wallpapers


Behind the success of Muraspec wallpapers is the production technology, which, in the case of vinyl wallpapers, includes dyeing in the mass the top layer of the wallpaper. The cladding prepared in this way is resistant to abrasion and scratching. Textile wallpapers, on the other hand, are coated with Teflon to reduce surface dirt (dirt does not stick and liquids run off), which makes them comfortable to use and care for.

Tapeta Elan Juliette
z powloką Biomaster © MURASPEC

Elan Juliette wallpaper with Biomaster coating


BIOMASTER - wallpaper with antibacterial coating

In the current era, bacteriostaticity is also an important feature of Muraspec wallpapers. All of the British manufacturer's facings are available with an antibacterial BIOMASTER coating from the renowned Addmaster brand, based on silver ions. The coating applied to the surface of the wallpaper permanently penetrates it and is active throughout the life of the cladding showing activity against many pathogenic bacteria.

Tapeta Lustre ©

Lustre wallpaper


Wide selection of wallpaper patterns

The design of Muraspec wallpapers is also an important parameter, allowing designers to create aesthetically stunning designs. Inspiring patterns, colors, textures and materials, as well as a wide range of weights and widths of wallpapers of the British manufacturer create a creative base for the creative use of wallpaper in the interior.

In Muraspec's range of products to choose from are classic vinyl coverings designed for commercial buildings, elegant textile wall papers produced with private investors in mind, decorative large-format Wallmotion digital prints prepared on vinyl bases.

Marmur Wallmotion Muraspec ©
MURASPEC Nadruk Wallmotion Muraspec
w IP Cliniq, proj. Joann Znamirowska-Pałka © MURASPEC

Wallmotion marble and Wallmotion Muraspec print at IP Cliniq (proj. Joann Znamirowska-Pałka)


The assortment is comprehensively complemented by acoustic materials: sound-absorbing wallpapers that level out reverberation in interiors ( Cirrus and Anafi collections) and designer polyester walls, panels, 3D tiles and ceiling installations with acoustic properties.

Ażurowe panele
akustyczne © MURASPEC

Openwork acoustic panels


Muraspec cladding and acoustic systems have the necessary certificates for the Polish market and meet the applicable standards. For more than 20 years, Muraspec Sp. z o.o. has been serving interior designers and investors with substantive support.

Akustyczny panel sufitowy Horison - biały © MURASPEC

Horison acoustic ceiling panel - white


For more information, visit the company's Muraspec Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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