Aluron Sp. z o.o.

ALURON - Alu Multisystem Employer

ALURON has been setting trends in the woodwork market in Poland and abroad since 2002. The creation of innovative solutions and technologies in the window and door industry and complex aluminum systems has influenced the dynamic development of the company. Investors, architects and joinery manufacturers appreciate the diversity of design solutions, material, aesthetics, functionality and wide possibilities of arrangement of our brand.
ALURON is the only manufacturer in Poland of aluminum systems for each segment of the window joinery market.

QUALITY and technology

ALURON has a modern production facility because the machinery park is based on energy-saving and efficient technological lines. Importantly, this reduces the negative impact on the environment. System solutions meet stringent requirements for energy efficiency, provide comfort, functionality and safety. ALURON performs curved and bent structures, welded and crimped connections, and offers a range of possibilities for non-standard and unusual solutions. ALURON conducts its business based on global management and production standards, including: ISO 9001, Qualicoat certificate. Products are subjected to testing processes according to the latest regulations and standards issued by domestic and foreign certification bodies such as: ITB, IFT Rosenheim, LTB, Passiv Hause. The company is a laureate of prestigious awards such as Solid Company, Teraz Polska, Gazelles of Business, Forbes Diamonds, European Company.

FUNCTIONALITY and comprehensiveness

In the development of ALURON systems, many years of design experience were used. Our solutions are distinguished by original utility models and patent applications. Aluminum systems offered by ALURON include profiles (structural, drip caps, slats, sills), accessories (gaskets, screws, clips, caps) and additional materials (templates, mounting elements, adhesives). All systems are interrelated, allowing the use of many common components and accessories.

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