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Metamorphosis of the interior of the Kamienica restaurant in Malbork. PB/Studio project

07 of July '21

30 years ago, a family restaurant was established on Tadeusza Kosciuszko Street in Malbork, famous among locals for its traditional Polish cuisine and homemade pizza. The Kamienica restaurant and cafe, which still operates today, has recently undergone a metamorphosis - a team from the Sopot-based PB/Studio studio took care of the interior design. But this is not the end of the revolution!

we wnętrzu dominuje
głęboko zielony kolor detal wnętrza

Interior fragments; the restaurant is dominated by deep green and sandy beige and natural materials

© PB/Studio

family restaurant

The main idea of the project was to create a new space with a cozy, homey character, where new guests will feel the atmosphere of a family restaurant, and regulars will find their way well into the new interior, explain designers from PB/Studio.

On the first floor of the corner building, in an L-shaped plan, the architects arranged the individual zones of the restaurant and cafe - a larger, open room with a bar, several tables and upholstered boxes, a slightly smaller dining area separated by glass, and the smallest part, a space for children hidden behind a bookcase.



© PB/Studio

The entire space is decorated in warm colors - the interior is dominated by deep green, sandy beige and powder pink - and natural materials - the designers chose stained oak wood for the restaurant space, sisal braids used on the backs of the chairs and lodges, as well as stone in flamed pink, which is used for the bar top.

plecionki sizalowe na
oparciach bar

Interior details; stained oak wood, sisal braids and stone tabletop on the bar

© PB/Studio

a place with climate

The atmospheric interior combines tradition with modernity - in addition to stylish elements with classic forms and photos evoking the history of the place on the wall behind the bar, the space is decorated with individually designed details, lamps and furniture.

Above the massive bar hangs a lamp designed especially for this space with a contrastingly light form. As usual in our projects, we made an effort to include a lot of individually designed details, such as lodges, carpenter's builds and bookcases, which form a visually coherent whole, the designers add.

lekka lampa nad barem w najmniejszej części
restauracji wygospodarowano kącik dla najmłodszych

left: above the bar hangs a lightweight lamp designed especially for this space;
right: view of the children's corner

© PB/Studio

changes continued

However, the metamorphosis did not concern only the interior of the restaurant - the menu also changed - the owners decided to introduce seasonal plant-based cuisine (the menu changes once a week), and the visual identity was refreshed - a consistent logotype, infographics and a semaphore sign in front of the entrance complete the new look of the Malbork restaurant.

szyld semaphore sign in front of restaurant entranceszyld semaphore sign in front of restaurant entranceszyld semaphore sign in front of restaurant entrance

semaphore signboard in front of the restaurant entrance

© PB/Studio

developed by
Ola Kloc

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