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Eclectic mix. Vintage, loft and art déco in a Warsaw apartment

08 of July '21
Technical data
Name: Apartment in Zoliborz
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Rudzka Street, Zoliborz.
Studio: Decoroom
Architect: Ewa Dziurska
Kitchen and furniture design: Katarzyna Domanska / Decoroom Kitchen
Area: 70 m²
Photos: Marta Behling, Vertical Level


  • design
  • implementation


Warsaw's Zoliborz is full of greenery, atmospheric restaurants and stores. Right here, there is an apartment that is a mixture of three strong styles: art déco, vintage and loft. Architects from the Decoroom studio are behind the eclectic interior design, full of golden details.

The 70-square-meter eclectic apartment is located on Rudzka Street in Warsaw. It would seem that introducing such strong styles into an apartment with three rooms would optically reduce and overwhelm it, but architect Ewa Dziurska managed to design harmonious interiors with interesting details. The key was consistency and customized furniture.

Fragment kuchni
i przedpokoju

Blue tones of the kitchen and loft doors leading to the hallway

Photo: Pion Level © Decoroom

kitchen in the color of cool sky

Despite its small size, the kitchen of the Warsaw apartment attracts attention. Designed by Katarzyna Domanska of Decoroom, it is kept in cool shades of blue and blue. Open to the living room, the kitchen has ceiling-reaching built-ins on the right side and a convenient worktop with hanging cabinets on the left. A contrasting accent is added by decorative gold lamps in the art déco style, as well as cabinet handles and the sink faucet - also in gold.

Salo otwarty na

In the living room, the attention is attracted by a custom-made table and chairs with Viennese braid

Photo: Pion Level © Decoroom

bright living area

The living room is a space full of calm, bright colors. The only accent (referring to the color of the kitchen) is a comfortable sofa in an intense blue color. The architects placed a custom-made bookcase here, as well as a dining table surrounded by Viennese plaid chairs.

z pianinem

A study with a vintage piano

Photo: Pion Level © Decoroom

The apartment also had room for a study, where the owner's piano stood, as well as a bookcase and a burgundy satin armchair on golden legs. The designers used special acoustic insulation, so that playing an instrument does not disturb the neighbors.

Sypialnia apartamentu na

A bright bedroom with a burgundy bed

Photo: Pion Level © Decoroom

elegant bedroom

The most important piece of furniture in the bedroom is, of course, a huge bed with an elegant burgundy upholstered headboard. Opposite it hangs an optically enlarging space, a mirror in a golden frame. The white closet closet was made to measure. The space is dominated by a light, subdued color scheme, facilitating relaxation, and referring to the rest of the apartment are dark red, pink and gold accessories.

Łazienka w stylu
retro Kabina prysznicowa na wymiar

Bottle green and terrazzo tiles in the bathroom

Photo: Pion Level © Decoroom

retro style in the bathroom

The bathroom is a strong accent of the apartment. After crossing its threshold, we find ourselves in a land straight out of retro movies - walls finished with shiny tiles in bottle green, terrazzo tiles on the floor and golden fixtures, lamp fittings and an oval mirror. A hallmark of the Decoroom studio are the custom-made elements. For this space, the architects designed a shower stall decorated with gold hardware. The interior of the bathroom was also utilized to the maximum - a special niche was created from the tiles, in which glass shelves for cosmetics were placed, and above the toilet there was a capacious cabinet with a decorative handle. As in the rest of the apartment, gold accents add cohesion to the space.

elaboration: Dobrawa Bies

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