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Hits and kits, or a summary of the year 2022 in architecture (part XIV)

20 of January '23

The end of December — because that's when we finished preparing the January issue — is the best time for all kinds of summaries. And like every year, we ask practitioners and architecture critics to write what they consider a success and what they consider a failure in a given year. We do it in the convention of Sink or Soar. We give our Authors total freedom of expression and do not moderate this discussion. Rather, we are very curious about it.

Previous episodes of the series featured:

Barbara Nawrocka and Dominika Wilczynska in Sink or Soar from A&B 01|2023 issue



  1. All exhibitions designed by Central, including „Seeing Stones and Spaces Beyond the Valley / Seeing Stones and Spaces Beyond the Valley”, „Clothed House”, „Anthropocene”.
    2. all texts from the magazine „Self-Portrait” in free access.
    3. NIAiU's action „Designers_tresses for Ukraine” matching those offering work with those who need it.
    4. Architectural responses to the housing crisis by Ukrainian architects and architects MetaLab, COHATY, VSIMDIM, Re:Ukraine System.
    5. Karolina Częczek with a project about swimming pools invited to MoMA in New York.
    6. formation of the Views project group.
    7. Action „Windows for Ukraine” of the BRDA foundation.


  1. The entire architectural world waiting in the blocks to design Ukraine.

Barbara Nawrocka, Dominika Wilczynska

architects, Miastopracownia studio

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Interior trends 2023
Interior trends 2023