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A skier's apartment in Zakopane designed by Kropka Studio

07 of May '20

If the music video for George Michael's "Last Christmas" were to be shot in modern times, the mountain cabin would no longer be a cabin, but an apartment building. The cozy walls of thick wooden beams would have turned into smooth, but still wooden walls. On top of that, after returning from a mountain trip, the heroes of the video would have a special ski cabinet with a drainage function. Ot a home micro-skiroom.

The apartment designed by {tag:Studio} meets the needs of any seasoned skier. The cozy, yet subdued interior allows you to relax after a day's exertion, but does not cut you off from the beauty of nature - outside the window there is a view of the snowy landscape. The apartment was created for more modern fans of the mountains and Zakopane, who appreciate simple design more than the traditional architecture of Podhale.

The apartment is located in a newly built, small multi-family building on the road to Kuznice - known to every mountain lover as an ideal starting point. It is here that buses are always waiting to take willing hikers on the trail. The apartment has an area of about 51 square meters. Maintaining privacy in a small space is extremely difficult, so the architects decided to separate the two bedrooms with a living area, which consists of a living room with a kitchen and a bathroom.

Functional après-ski space

The designers paid great attention to the functionality of the space and the flexibility of the solutions used. The designed beds in the bedroom can be easily combined or separated - depending on the needs of the users. In the living room, the seating bench can easily become a recliner for a tired skier. Many guests in a relatively small space require clever storage - some of the cabinets have been raised to create space for placing luggage.

Apartament narciarza - sypialnia z inspirowaną górami grafiką

Graphic illustrating the route of the Kasprowy Wierch cable car.

© Kropka Studio

The main idea of the project was to create an interior set in a mountain climate, using natural materials - wood and stone, which are the basis for mountain excursions and relaxation in the après-ski climate. In addition, a glass display case for skis was created especially for winter sports fans. In addition to being an integral and aesthetically appealing element of the interior design, it serves as a micro-ski room, thanks to its drainage system.

In the bathroom lined with stone, a steam generator was designed, so that the shower area can be transformed into a small sauna - what could be better after a day of intense exercise in the cold?

The whole composition is complemented by a milled graphic illustrating the course of the Kasprowy Wierch railroad with precise height markings. It was based on a drawing placed in the archival 12th issue of the monthly magazine "Architektura i Budownictwo" from 1936, describing the design of the station on Kasprowy Wierch by Anna and Aleksander Kudelski.

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