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Functionality and space. Warsaw apartment of the Modify project

Dobrawa Bies
28 of April '21
Technical data
Name: apartment in Włochy
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Warsaw
Studio: Modify – Architektura Wnętrz
Architects: Beata Napierała
Area: 72 m²
Design area: 60 m²
Photos: Michal Mlynarczyk


  • design
  • implementation


In the seclusion of Warsaw's Włochy is an apartment designed by Beata Napierała of the Modify – Architektura Wnętrz studio. The owners wanted functionality, original solutions and a modern and cozy interior, where you can relax after a long day at work.

The apartment belonging to a young couple consists of a large open space - a sizable hallway, a living room with a kitchenette and dining room, and separate rooms - a bedroom, bathroom, toilet and guest room.

Salon z różowym

On the wall of the dining room, the architect placed geometric cork panels

Photo: Michal Mlynarczyk © Modify - Interior Architecture

lots of light

The building in which the apartment is located is surrounded by numerous trees. The green view outside the window is pleasant, but the stately stand of trees limits the amount of light in the interiors. For this reason, the architect decided to brighten and optically enlarge the interiors as much as possible with appropriately selected lighting, materials, furniture and fabrics.

z wydzieloną przestrzenią

The living room and kitchenette were separated by a wall made of veneered board

Photo: Michal Mlynarczyk © Modify - Interior Architecture

The biggest design challenge for Beata Napierała was to develop a functional layout for the open space, which includes a living room, kitchen, dining room and hallway. Separating these parts with full walls was out of the question, due to the aforementioned limited flow of daylight. Therefore, between the dining area and the hallway, the designer placed an openwork book case acting as both a partition and a double-sided bookcase. The dining room was placed in the center of the room. It is accented by a large hanging lamp and a wall clad with cork panels.

i ścianka ażurowa

The openwork wall is also a bookcase

Photo: Michal Mlynarczyk © Modify - Interior Architecture

The living room and the kitchenette were separated by a wall of veneered furniture board, attached to the kitchen peninsula. On the living room side, a TV set and rtv cabinet were hung on it, and lounge furniture - a gray modular sofa and a powder pink uszak armchair - stood in front of them. Its swivel base makes it easy for household members to position it in any direction, and the ear-covered headrests allow for a little nap during the day.

Sypialnia z zabudową

Despite the small size of the bedroom, the designed cabinets give plenty of storage space

Photo: Michal Mlynarczyk © Modify - Interior Architecture

Expressive textures and functional solutions

An important element of the kitchen is the worktop and storage space. The entire kitchen development, like the rest of the apartment, is kept in a gray-oak color scheme. An interesting challenge for the architect was to visually shorten the narrow, long hallway. To this end, Beata Napierała designed hangers in the form of frames with horizontal beams, on which she attached hooks for hanging clothes and handbags. Between them is a mirror, also in the same frame. The space of the hallway is diversified by a suspended ceiling with led lighting in the wall niches.

Mieszkanie we

The apartment is maintained in warm colors

Photo: Michal Mlynarczyk © Modify - Interior Architecture

The 13-square-meterbedroom houses a bed with a practical solution. At its headboard cabinets with a depth of 40 cm were designed. This gave the owners additional space for storing clothes and books. In the bathroom and toilet, the architect used gray tiles imitating concrete and wood-like tiles.

The visual coherence of all the rooms was preserved thanks to the use of expressive textures and a similar color scheme - warm shades of gray, white and oak, which perfectly harmonize with the accent of the residents' favorite pink armchair.

elaboration: Dobrawa Bies

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