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A well-organized workplace - the design of a law office by MoodWorks studio

Wiktor Bochenek
30 of May '22

A modern workspace cannot just be a place where you come and go with the hope of passing the time and going home as quickly as possible. Offices must also be inviting, becoming modern business cards.

The client of the MoodWorks studio was a well-known law firm, whose headquarters were located in Warsaw. The basis was to create a functional interior, combining with individual needs.

The project is a response to the needs of our investor. The office was to show the company's open approach to clients, but also to employees. The intention was that the entire interior design would emphasize the prestige and stability of an international law firm in Poland. Both we and the client wanted to create a functional office with a strong individual feature. And one that corresponds to the specifics of the work of lawyers, who need focus on a daily basis," say Dora Kuć and Karina Snuszka, architects at MoodWorks.

Wejście do kancelarii

entrance to the law firm

Photo by Marco Bertolin, © MoodWorks

open closed space

Today's work model increasingly requires adaptation to the individual requirements of employees. In this arrangement, it is important to focus on creating a place where it is possible to work comfortably in smaller or larger teams. Most rooms are double occupancy, allowing for comfort and concentration. In the space at the very entrance, the decision was made to use calm, light beige colors combined with modern design. There is no shortage of greenery here in the form of pots of tall flowers. This is a place that may evoke the character of an open space, but is closer to a reception space.

Some of the rooms in the law firm are enclosed - allowing for teamwork in small rooms, usually dominated by bookcases filled with codes and books related to legislative topics. An important element used in the smaller rooms is wood, improving interior acoustics.

Jedna z sal konferencyjnych Recepcja

one of the conference rooms

photo by Marco Bertolin, © MoodWorks

place of rest

For the architects at MoodWorks , it was important to create a place of relaxation where employees can rest, eat or talk. Separated by an island from the dining area, the kitchen is an open space that allows for casual meal preparation. The relaxation area is open enough to also allow for company meetings. In the office, a relaxation room and a room for working moms are located right next to this zone.

Strefa lounge

lounge area

photo by Marco Bertolin, © MoodWorks

the necessity of the new work model

The office designed by MoodWorks is notable primarily for its partial departure from the commonly used open space. The office workflow model that dominated for many years is increasingly being replaced by a return to small offices for a few people. Both models can have negative effects, and an increasingly common choice is to create spaces that allow for free choice of space. In the model proposed by MoodWorks interior studios, the open space is primarily a common area, with a kitchen, coffee point or reception area.



Photo by Marco Bertolin, © MoodWorks

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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