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Winspirator - online configuration and selection of window systems

09 of November '20

What is Winspirator?

This is an online tool developed for users by Deceuninck that allows users to configure window and door profiles that match the style of the building of their choice. The easy-to-use 3D application is full of useful functions and works efficiently on mobile devices. The tool is a source of inspiration for the customer looking for the right concept and properly matched visual elements, such as the facade and style of the building and the design of the window.

Winspirator od
Deceuninck - konfiguracja i wybór systemów okiennych online

Winspirator from Deceuninck - online configuration and selection of window systems

Online inspiration from Deceuninck

It has been common practice for several years that before coming to the showroom, we first look for inspiration online. In order to streamline this process and provide consumers with a more efficient and broader way to determine their preferences, Deceuninck, in cooperation with 3D visualization company Nanopixel, has developed the Winspirator tool.

The application is launched from the Deceuninck website. After selecting the country and language in which to use the application, the tool guides the user through the design stages in 4 simple steps. The consumer can specify his current or future style of home, and then match the material and color of the door and window profiles, creating a stylish 3D visualization. The home visualization can be rotated 360° and viewed from the inside and outside. The product range, which consumers can draw on to create their design, includes the Elegant and Decalu lines, the company's flagship PVC and Aluminum systems. A wide range of colors, finishes and profile surfaces help you find your own style.

After reviewing an overview of buildings that can provide inspiration, the consumer can enter information about his or her construction/remodeling project including technical data such as numerical values, dimensions or finishing materials. The user has the option to generate his/her project as a pdf file, which he/she will receive to his/her email address.

Value-added investment

For Deceuninck, the launch of the Winspirator tool is a natural step in providing support and added value to its customers. What should be emphasized is that this is the first release of the application. In the next step of the configurator's development, it will be possible to put the consumer and the company's preferred partners, where the customer will be able to realize his project, in contact with each other by directly transferring the consumer's project to the corresponding showroom through the application. With the web-based application, the Belgian window and door profile manufacturer wants to make it easier for consumers to seek inspiration before visiting a showroom and provide them with the best possible service by directing their preferred partners to the right showrooms.

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