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Aesthetics derived from function! Apartment in Warsaw's Praga district

Dobrawa Bies
24 of February '21
Technical data
Name: apartment in Praga
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Warsaw
Studio: Black Deer Workshop
Design team: Magdalena Sliwka
Photos: Magdalena Sliwka
Area: 47 m²

In Warsaw's Praga district, a pre-war tenement house houses the apartment of interior designer Magdalena Sliwka. The interior is a combination of space for living, relaxation, but also work. The designer from Black Deer Workshop focused on simple and functional solutions, lack of divisions, bright colors and art!

i jadalnia w mieszkaniu na Pradze

Natural brick walls are interspersed with white painted walls

© Black Deer Workshop

Dobrawa Bies: What were the assumptions and design inspirations?

Magdalena Sliwka: The main assumption of the project was that the interior should have no divisions. As a result, we can admire the beauty of three high windows, and the apartment is bright, full of fresh breeze. The bedroom was also not closed off but divided by an incomplete wall. The space is open, but maximum privacy and intimacy has been maintained.

Mieszkanie to także
przestrzeń do pracy

The interior also serves as a small gallery and work space

© Black Deer Workshop

Dobrawa: The apartment is kept in light colors - whites, grays and natural wood. Strong paintings on the walls are also an interesting addition. Where did this design decision come from?

Magdalena: The interior was also intended to serve as a small gallery (impressive paintings by Karolina Bielawska), full of greenery and friendly to a four-legged companion. That's why in the project I opted for natural brick walls, preserving its original appearance above the entrance. Meanwhile, the wall with windows was painted entirely white - to give the apartment a spacious feel. Note the bathroom decorated in a minimalist style, but with an original look. White corrugated tiles create an interesting reference to the raw loft style with black fixtures and a tulip radiator by vasco. The dominant colors in the apartment are white and black, broken here and there by gray, brass and warmed by natural oak wood. Everything is consistent here, even the vintage radiators and the terrazzo window sills, made according to the project, harmonize with the climate of the interior.

Biała kuchnia

kitchen kept in a classic style

© Black Deer Workshop

Dobrawa: Do you have a golden mean for a good layout of the space of a small apartment?

Magdalena: My golden mean is to maximize the use of every square meter and create storage spaces by means of carpentry development - designed and made for the project so as to cleverly accommodate everything, and at the same time not to close and clutter the space. Aesthetics derived from function!

Minimalistyczna łazienka

A bright and minimalist bathroom

© Black Deer Workshop

Dobrawa: Did you manage to achieve all the design objectives?

Magdalena: Yes, all assumptions were met. It was relatively easy, as the apartment belongs to me and reflects my need for use of space. It was to be simple and functional, warm and cozy in the bedroom, classic in the kitchen, bright and minimalist in the bathroom, living room and study.

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview!

interviewed by: Dobrawa Bies

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