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White and marble. Apartment with a view of Poznan

17 of September '20

In Poznań, on Towarowa Street, architect Maria Jachalska has designed an apartment for short-term rentals. The interiors are dominated by light colors, marble and whitewashed wooden flooring.

The seventy-square-meterapartment is the architect's third project in this Poznan development. The light color scheme of the interiors, consisting of beige, white, marble and whitewashed wooden floor, is broken by contrasting elements of dark wood. The apartment has a view of the Poznan skyline, which can be enjoyed while sipping your morning coffee in the kitchen.

Wnętrze apartamentu
w Poznaniu

The kitchen features a fluted island

© Maria Jachalska

Dobrawa Bies: What was the main inspiration for this project?

Maria Jachalska: The hedonistic approach to investors' lives. We don't have a rigid budget and we don't have to worry about the practicality of the space. This gave me a lot of possibilities and no restrictions. However, I didn't want the interiors to overwhelm something that is most important in this apartment, namely - the beautiful view of Poznań.

Dobrawa Bies: What were the investor's expectations and needs?

Maria Jachalska: The apartment is intended for short-term rental, but it is also to be a place where the owners themselves can stay when visiting Poland - they live permanently in Hamburg. It didn't have to be practical. Above all, it had to be beautiful. The living area , with a view of the Poznan skyline, is to be a zone for relaxation and meetings with friends. The kitchen part is not large, but for a short stay it is sufficient. There is no typical dining table in this apartment, it is replaced by an ornate island for breakfast. The bedrooms were meant to be hotel-like, with a small closet and space for a suitcase.

Dobrawa Bies: Where did you get the idea for such a combination of colors, patterns and materials?

Maria Jachalska: I wanted it to be contrasting, but warm. I like the combination of dark chocolate and cream, I think it is very elegant. If good quality materials are chosen, there is no question of banal beige-browns, which all designers were so sick of.

z ozdobną tapetą Marmurowa łazienka

Wallpaper in the bedroom and marbles on the bathroom walls

© Maria Jachalska

Dobrawa Bies: What gave you the most satisfaction in creating this project, and what was the biggest challenge?

Maria Jachalska: The project itself was created very quickly, I immediately felt what was to be there. It was also very quickly accepted by the clients - most of the rooms remained unchanged in the first version. The clients did not want to make any changes, which was a huge compliment for me.... The problem was one of the bedrooms. The client really liked a bedroom from another project of mine, the problem was that it was an apartment, also for rent, in the same city, in the same building, only a floor below. I tried unsuccessfully to design something different but similar to this one, but it didn't work, there was still something wrong. Only when I cut myself off from that bedroom completely was I able to design a space that suited us all. Wall& Deco wallpaper in the right color scheme, depicting people walking on the square, fit perfectly into the design, referring to the urban space in which the apartment building is located.

elaboration: Dobrawa Bies

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