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Blue sky in a Wroclaw apartment. Functional interior designed by Madde

Dobrawa Bies
19 of April '22
Technical data
Name: blue apartment
Location: Poland, Wroclaw
Studio: Madde
Design team: Maja Górowska, Karolina Koryniowska, Kamila Potocka
Area: 72 m²
Photos: Madde


  • design:
  • implementation:



Sky blue, natural materials, functional solutions - this is how the interior of a Wroclaw apartment designed by architects Maja Górowska, Karolina Koryniowska and Kamila Potocka from the Madde design studio can be described in a nutshell. The investors, proponents of minimalism, also asked them to leave empty spaces and make original furniture.

The project was created for a young couple of engineers who moved to Wroclaw from Minsk. The apartment, located in a new development just off Wyspa Słodowa, was initially to be just for them. However, a dog quickly appeared, and in the future the study will probably turn into a children's room.

Widok z salonu na kuchnię Fragment salonu z otwartą półką

Blue is the color accent of the whole apartment

© Madde

Cooperation with Ula and Evgeni went smoothly, we quickly caught a good rapport and from the beginning we felt we were on the same wavelength. Their requirements were extremely clear and, very importantly for us, consistent with what we ourselves consider to be key in any project. First are functional solutions that will make the interior fit perfectly into the habits of its inhabitants. Another is the use of natural materials. The more they appear in the interior, the closer we are to nature, the easier we identify with it. Wood or stone are written in our primordial memory, they are closer to man than all the new, factory-created materials, the architects say.

Fazy projektowe mieszkania, rzuty Naświetle między kuchnią a łazienką

The architects changed the layout of the walls and introduced a fanlight

© Madde

small changes, big effect

The guiding color of the entire designed interior is a grayish shade of blue, referring to the color scheme of the sky. Of the natural materials, the architects used wood and marble. Such a standard of finishing consumed a large part of the investors' budget, so the bedroom and study space is yet to be realized.

We started the project by analyzing the layout of the apartment, imposed by the developer. The arrangement of the two outer walls of the building at an obtuse angle complicated the internal layout. It had some drawbacks from our perspective, and we quickly decided to make key changes," the designers explain.

Biel ścian w mieszkaniu Marmur na ścianie w łazience

The interiors are characterized by minimalism and the use of natural materials

© Madde

The bathroom, arranged in a minimalist style , was enlarged, at the expense of the hall space, which after the changes remained fully functional and accommodated a large closet. These changes made room for a separate shower and bathtub, as well as a washing machine. Another small revolution, yet changing a lot, was the addition of a fanlight between the living room and the bathroom, which thus gained daylight.

Finally, the wall layout between the living room and the study was changed - a cramped, non-functional corner in the living room turned into a comfortable space for relaxing in front of the TV.

Błękitna sofa i autorska szafka Piesek na kanapie

The living room accent is a sofa and author's wall bookcase

© Madde

blue like a patch of sky

The apartment is dominated by the white of the walls, furniture and fixtures and the gray of the marble tile pattern. The kitchen space featured a tall blue cabinet housing a refrigerator and oven, with a dishwasher underneath. The blue color leads toward the lobby and into the bathroom with furniture built in high to the ceiling. The living space is dominated by a large marble island with working and dining space. Just behind it are suspended cabinets whose fronts are made of solid wood.

Przestrzeń kuchenna i blat roboczy Pusta przestrzeń w kuchni nad blatem

An empty space has been left above the worktop

© Madde

An empty space was left above the worktop, with no additional hanging cabinets. This was one of the wishes of the investors, emphasized from the beginning in the assumptions of the project. For us it was extremely inspiring, because usually when it comes to storage space we get guidelines saying "the more, the better", and here we were surprised by the minimalist approach, the architects say.

The distinctive points of the living room became a gray-blue sofa and a wall bookcase with open shelves and a few accessories, made according to the author's design.

developed: Dobrawa Bies

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