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They will build a district activity center on the site of a dilapidated sports complex. "Krakowianka" will be built in Krakow.

19 of July '21

Another expanded city investment is being prepared in Krakow. The Sports Infrastructure Management Board has presented a design for a multi-zone "Krakowianka" physical activity center to be built in Borek Fałęcki, on the site of a former sports complex. ZIS estimates that the cost of the works will be around PLN 140 million. What specifically does the project envisage?

In mid-July, the Sports Infrastructure Management Board of Krakow presented a project for the construction of the "Krakowianka" District Sports and Recreation Center, which will be built on Zywiecka Boczna Street in Borek Fałęcki (Łagiewniki district). This is the site of a once thriving, but now heavily dilapidated, sports and recreation complex.

multi-zone physical activity center

The center project is extensive and expensive - the estimated value of the investment is PLN 140 million. The area of the complex will be divided into outdoor and indoor parts, and additionally into zones. The indoor part will be formed by three buildings. The main one will house a swimming pool measuring 25 by 16 meters. There will also be saunas, a Jacuzzi and an expanded fitness area. Another building will house a sports hall. A full-size futsal, handball, basketball and volleyball court is planned there. In turn, on the first floor, in addition to the sports hall, locker rooms, facilities for coaches, storage rooms and an entrance hall with a relaxation area will be located. Also noteworthy is a three-story building intended for parking. It is designed to accommodate about 112 vehicles. Each level will include restrooms and a circulation area. The parking structure will be connected to the main building of the center by an overground connector.

The new sports center in Krakow will be divided into zones

vision: the Sports Infrastructure Management Board of Krakow

According to the Sports Infrastructure Management Board, the main building, the sports hall building and the parking building will be connected to each other by an overhead connector. All this in order to make communication between them as collision-free as possible.

The main building of the complex

vision: the Sports Infrastructure Management Board of Krakow

In turn, the external part of the complex has been divided into several zones: a swimming area with a wet playground, an artificial beach, a relaxation zone, tennis courts, a sports field, a sensory path, a skatepark, a flowpark and a camping area.

Visualizations of the outdoor part of the center

vision: Zarząd Infrastruktury Sportowej w Krakowie

As part of the latest investment, ZIS Krakow is specifically planning the construction of:

  • the main building of DCSiR "KRAKOWIANKA", which will include: an indoor swimming pool with the necessary sanitary and locker room facilities, a saunarium, technical facilities, a fitness area with a gym, a spinning room, sanitary and locker room facilities, a checkroom for outerwear, a reception hall, cafes on the first floor and first floor with technical facilities, and an administrative area for the entire facility

  • sports hall building with stands for about 200 people, with full sanitary facilities, locker rooms, technical facilities for coaches and a storage area

  • an underground and above-ground parking building in the form of a free-standing building with three floors (one underground + two above-ground) for about 112 parking spaces

  • a building of sanitary, locker room and administrative facilities for grass tennis courts

  • a sanitary building at the campground

  • an outdoor swimming area with a zone retrofitted with a wet playground for the youngest users

  • artificial beach, relaxation zone, tennis courts, sports fields, sensory path, playgrounds, skatepark and flowpark

  • a camping field (28 plots).

At this point, the Sports Infrastructure Administration does not provide details such as when the work will begin or the contractor.

elaborated: Katarzyna Domagała

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