"The Edible City of Warsaw" - Web documentary on the future of food

09 of August '21

Where did the carrot that ended up on our table come from? What's on our plate often has to travel a long way, even though local resources allow it to grow on an urban farm or come to market as part of a short food supply chain. Can the city become independent of large corporations and have a say in how what we eat is produced and distributed? What is the future of our nutrition? Will Warsaw join cities like Vienna, London and Paris in setting trends in urban agriculture and gardening? Edible City Warsaw is a futuristic multimedia story about how Warsaw could regain its food sovereignty. Is it possible? See for yourself:

photo: Katarzyna Cegłowska

"Edible City Warsaw" is a futuristic vision showing ways for Warsaw to gain food sovereignty. For the documentary, guests representing different organizations and thus, different strategies (already present in the city) were invited to contribute to bringing food sufficiency to the capital. In the documentary we will hear from Joanna Humka of Kooperatywa Dobrze, Maciej Lepkowski of the Motyka and Sun Community Garden, Marcin Migala of RWS Marianka, Marta Traczyk of the W Domu Restaurant and Hanna Wielgus of the Family Allotment Gardens.

Photo by Katarzyna Cegłowska

The activities undertaken by the activists, i.e. collective purchases made without intermediaries directly from food producers, growing plants in urban gardens, or socially supported agriculture, are opposed to the current global way of food production based on industrial agriculture and breeding, plant monocultures and soil exploitation. For mass food production not only deprives people of their food sovereignty and makes them dependent on global corporations. It also takes away from them the "right to taste," as this is guaranteed by food produced in a sustainable way, in accordance with the natural rhythm of nature.

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