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Minimalism and simplicity. Cracow apartment by Projektyw studio

Dobrawa Bies
19 of May '22
Technical data
Name: apartment on Apricot Street
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Cracow
Studio: Projektyw
Architect: Paulina Zwolak-Nowak
Photography: Maja Bulkowska
Area: 62 m²
Implementation: 2022

Minimalism and simplicity, such slogans guided Paulina Zwolak-Nowak of the Projektyw studio when creating the interior of a 62-square-meter apartment in Cracow. Its owner, an art lover, does not like to surround himself with unnecessary objects, so their number was limited. The architect opted for noble materials and accents in the form of works by Polish artists - the walls are decorated with prints by Bartłomiej Chwilczyński and Karol Pomykała.

Wnętrze krakowskiego mieszkania ściany ozdabiają grafiki

The walls are covered with structural plaster, and decorated with graphics by Polish artists, here works by Bartek Chwilczynski

Photo: Maja Bułkowska © Projektyw

All the walls of the Krakow apartment on Apricot Street were finished with structural plaster in a shade of broken white, and the Italian tiles used have a terrazzo motif. The architect introduced natural oak veneer into the interior, which adds warmth and character to the austere whole.

Fornir dębowy znajduje się w każdym pomieszczeniu

Oak veneer can be found in every room

Photo: Maja Bułkowska © Projektyw

The veneerappears in all rooms - in the kitchen in the form of a built-in, in the living room the boards decorate the wall with a TV set, in the bedroom the headrest of the bed, and in the bathroom they form the lining of the entire wall. In the bedroom, the attention is drawn to the mirror reflecting the entire interior. The apartment also has a home office with an ascetic interior, conducive to concentration.

Rzut mieszkania przy ulicy Morelowej

The area of the apartment is 62 square meters

© Projektyw

interview with Paulina Zwolak-Nowak

Dobrawa Bies: The apartment we are talking about is maintained in a minimalist style and a truncated color palette. What does the concept of minimalism mean to you?

Paulina Zwolak-Nowak: For me it is a kind of restraint, both in form, colors and materials used. It is also a kind of restraint and consistency.

Fragment kuchni zabudowa drewniana

Moderation and simplicity are the main features of the apartment

Photo: Maja Bułkowska © Projektyw

Dobrawa: What requirements did the investor have? What did you start your work with?

Paulina: The apartment was designed for a man who appreciates the aforementioned moderation and simplicity in life, and also does not like to surround himself with unnecessary things. As usual, I started my work by getting to know the investor's needs and looking for layouts and functional solutions that would meet these requirements and also respond to those unconscious needs that each investor has.

Fragment salonu Wnętrze kuchni z jadalnią

wood adds warmth to interiors

Photo: Maja Bułkowska © Projektyw

Dobrawa: The biggest challenge and source of pride is?

Paulina: The whole project and design process, as well as the renovation, went smoothly and naturally from the beginning. The investor also gave me a lot of credit, as he was abroad at the time, with limited possibility of contact - he came when the implementation was ready. I am satisfied with the entire course of cooperation. The icing on the cake was the joint selection of art for the interiors. We have works by Karol Pomykała and Bartek Chwilczyński in our apartment, which complement our interior design and break it up a bit.

Wnętrze sypialni Wnętrze kuchni

The architect focused on consistency in materials and colors

Photo: Maja Bułkowska © Projektyw

Dobrawa: How do you arrange the space of an apartment if you want to achieve visualconsistency ?

Paulina: We need to create for ourselves a scheme of functional and visual guidelines. We must consider each element of the interior in relation to the overall design concept. The main idea, which we can find in every part of the apartment, is crucial. Consistency in materials and colors is also very important.

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview.

interviewed by: Dobrawa Bies

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