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Modern office buildings - trends 2021

26 of November '21

Modern office buildings - trends 2021

Modern office buildings are not only durable and interesting materials, innovative and smart solutions, but also flexibility, functionality and ergonomics. What is important in workplaces has been verified by the pandemic - many people have switched to remote work mode for good, some work in a hybrid system, and many offices have undergone a metamorphosis adapting spaces to new needs and guidelines. If you are curious how workspaces have changed after the pandemic, we invite you to read the November issue of A&B and review this year's trends for modern office buildings.

modern solutions

Modern buildings today are not only modern materials and structures, but above all people- and environment-friendly solutions. For example, in Wrocław's Centrum Południe complex designed by APA Wojciechowski Architekci office, in addition to a water-saving gray water system and a freecooling system, the designers took care of proper thermal insulation of the building. The Aluprof systems used here are responsible for keeping the building warm in the autumn-winter season and limiting heating in spring and summer.

Centrum Południe we

© Aluprof

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perforated elements

Texture on surfaces - facades, partition walls or suspended ceilings - can add variety to designed buildings. Inspiration can be sought, among other things, in openwork materials. Perforated elements are not only decorative, they are also distinguished by ease of installation, weather resistance and durability. A wide range of such products is available from Perforacja - perforated sheets - from woven mesh through perforated sheets to metal fabrics or trim.

blachy perforowane, siatki plecione i cięto-ciągnione

© Perforation - perforated sheets

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WOW effect

A uniform floor surface with no visible divisions will be excellent for modern office spaces. Seamless resin floors, giving such an effect, are increasingly popular, also due to the great freedom of design - the possibility of choosing colors, textures, degree of gloss, combining with other materials or making patterns. Solutions in line with the latest trends are available from Flowcrete, a resin flooring manufacturer and supplier.

posadzki żywiczne, Peran

© Flowcrete

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range of possibilities

With the many elements and factors to consider when designing office buildings, flexible and comprehensive solutions - from facades to ceilings to solar control systems - come to the rescue. Such suggestions are available from the Hunter Douglas Architectural brand - modern and diverse ceramic or aluminum facades, textile, metal or wood ceilings, ceiling and wall panels, and even sun shades - you'll find it all in one place.

Hunter Douglas

© Hunter Douglas

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smart solutions

Smart installation systems have the effect of increasing the comfort and functionality of the premises, increasing the level of security and clearly reducing operating costs. Modern and aesthetically pleasing smart products - innovative automation devices and systems - can be found in the offer of Smart Home Center, a company that distributes solutions and products in the field of building automation, security systems, access control and audio-video solutions.


© Smart Home Center

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like at home

After many months of working remotely - home office - many of us have returned to our offices with slightly changed habits, expecting more cozy, home office spaces. Furniture from the .mdd brand's portfolio will help create a home office - space-separating seats with built-in panels, noise-reducing fabric-covered panels or conversation booths, and even comfortable lounge areas. All this to make your workplace feel more comfortable!

Dobra akustyka
w biurze — kabina Hana

Photo: Ernest Wińczyk © .mdd

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modern meeting places

After the pandemic experience of video conferencing, do we still need conference rooms in offices? Can the furnishings of office spaces affect the efficiency of meetings? Balma proposes a variety of solutions to add variety to routine meetings and thus affect their efficiency - demountable systems with which temporary meeting spaces can be arranged, booths for remote meetings, or seating that promotes movement and repositioning.

Nasza Księgarnia

Photo: Pawel Biedrzycki © Balma

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