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For work, culture and entertainment. Exceptional facilities in Aluprof systems

18 of November '21

Aluprof systems in architecture.
From the series "Modern office buildings - trends 2021".

Modern solutions in construction are most often associated with commercial construction - office buildings, which often reach considerable heights, requiring unique structures. However, contrary to appearances, they are also used in facilities whose purpose is not only related to professional life. We present objects serving people in different areas of their lives and interests, which were built using Aluprof systems.

South Center

The Wroclaw complex, which combines office, service and recreational functions, was designed to be as people- and environment-friendly as possible. It uses only renewable energy, and that's not the only technology used in the facility, which could be a model example of sustainable construction.

Center South

© Aluprof

The complex uses a graywater system, which saves more than 50% of this resource, and the lowering of room temperatures is supported by a freecooling system. It uses cool air from outside, replacing traditional air-conditioning units. The Aluprof systems used here are also responsible for proper thermal insulation of the building - keeping it warm in the autumn-winter season and reducing heating in spring and summer. The façade was realized based on the MB-SR50N HI+ solution with excellent thermal insulation parameters (Uf from 0.59 W/m²K), which was achieved, among other things, by using PE material as an insulator. The facade also reduces the transmission of sound, and the special construction is characterized by high strength. The window and door joinery of the South Center, in turn, is the MB-86 SI system, which has wide thermal separators with a new shape that made it possible to use an additional baffle in the insulation zone of the profiles. Moreover, the two-component central gasket used in this solution perfectly seals and thermally insulates the space between the sash and the frame.

A number of the above solutions made the South Center qualified for certifications - WELL for Health and LEED for the Planet, and it was also named a Barrier-Free Facility.

Sara Kulturhus

It combines culture and entertainment, hosting exhibitions, concerts, performances or meetings. In addition to the aforementioned functions, it also plays another extremely important role. It is a showcase for the municipality of Skelleftea and proof that wood as a building material is not reserved exclusively for low-rise housing, but can also serve tall buildings. The 20-story building, whose construction is also based on glass and aluminum, also houses a hotel, spa and restaurant with panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Sara Kulturhus

vision. White Arkitekter

In realizing the facade, double glazing was chosen to give the impression that the building blends in with its surroundings. The exterior shell was created using ALUPROF's MB-SW55 system - which was designed specifically for this building - with BVB environmental certification and GOLD/BREEM SE rating. The interior glazing, on the other hand, is based on the MB-86 SI system with its high-strength profiles and thermal insulation Uf of 0.92 W/m²K. These are not the only Aluprof solutions used here. The façade in the lower part of the building was realized in the MB-SR50N HI+ system, certified by the PHI Darmstadt Institute in class A+, which is recommended for the construction of passive buildings.

The uniqueness of Sara Kulturhus - both in terms of the building material and the systems used, which are part of the realization of green and energy-efficient construction - is confirmed by the fact that the building was presented at the "Build Better Now" exhibition. This is a companion event to this year's UN COP26 climate summit, which was held in virtual reality. This exhibition model made it possible to gather in one place the most inspiring realizations from around the world to promote sustainable construction.

Warsaw Brewery in Warsaw

Once an industrial site used for beer production, now a multifunctional space serving the residents of Wola and beyond. The revitalization of the more than 4-acre site began in 2017 and is an exemplary example of a transformation that combines modernity with preservation of the site's historical heritage.

New Browary Warszawskie includes passages and plazas connected by greenery, which plays a special role in the project. In cooperation with dendrologists, tree species were selected that thrive in the urban space and at the same time will not be a nuisance to residents. In this environment, there is also a place for apartment buildings and office and service facilities, which, although aesthetically reminiscent of the past, make use of the latest solutions, such as the MB-SR50N EFEKT semi-structural facade - a system that gives a wide range of possibilities in the selection of profiles, sections and glazing, MB-SR50N OW outward opening tilt-and-slide windows and MB-86 thermal insulated doors.

Industry leader and innovator

ALUPROF SA is a member of Grupa Kęty SA Capital Group - listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the most modern and fastest growing manufacturing company in the aluminum industry in Central and Eastern Europe. The company has 5 production plants in Poland and 9 sales companies in Europe and the USA. It is present in 55 countries and is expanding into more global markets. The company provides modern aluminum systems and innovative solutions for energy-efficient and passive construction. In line with its slogan "Let's build a better future", the company promotes the idea of sustainable development in construction and implements responsible measures to reduce carbon footprint, among other things. For more information, visit the manufacturer's website: Aluprof SA.

For more information, visit the company's ALUPROF SA page on the A&B portal.

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