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Home office in the office

19 of November '21

Comfortable office furniture from .mdd
From the series "Modern office buildings - trends 2021"

The global pandemic has changed many aspects of daily life, including work habits. After months spent in home office, we are back in offices, but with different habits. The way we organize our time has changed, as well as our needs for space. Hybrid mode is growing in popularity, with employees combining being in the office with working remotely, providing the best of both situations. They yearn for interaction and collaborative action, but don't want to give up the convenience of a home office when they can stretch out on the sofa or step out onto the balcony at any time. When they return to their offices, they expect them to be more comfortable and cozy. Furniture from the .mdd range will help meet this need.

Separating the space - STILT seating series with high backs

Some of the changes taking place in the office space related to taking care of the health of its users are not surprising. It's mainly the more distant workstations and the addition of space-separating elements. Equipment and furniture with built-in panels, such as desks with extensions or armchairs with high backs, mobile whiteboards and screens, are appearing in offices.

STILT series of seats with high backs

© .MDD

Separation of spaces - Ogi W bench desk with Sonic panel

Companies opting for a hybrid work mode are also introducing a system of so-called hot desks, desks not assigned to specific people, but available to all employees. Such desks are usually smaller and lighter, as are the chairs, and should also be adjustable - in this case, the height of the top.

Ogi W bench desk with Sonic panel

© .MDD

Shared workstation - Ogi Drive desk with adjustable top height, Evo adjustable chair

Modern offices are divided not into offices, but into functional zones, such as common work, concentration, conversation or rest. The overriding value of office equipment is becoming its flexibility and the ability to quickly change the arrangement according to the changing needs of users. Equipment and furnishings are becoming multifunctional, lightweight and mobile. More attention is also being paid to their acoustics, especially in open spaces. Soft finishes, upholstery and noise-reducing elements are being introduced, such as fabric-covered panels and conversation booths, but curtains will also work well.

Ogi Drive desk with height-adjustable top, Evo adjustable chair

© .MDD

Good acoustics in the office - Hana cubicle

However, most of the changes taking place in office arrangements are strictly related to the comfort of their users, workplaces are becoming more "homey." Employees returning from home office need more comfortably furnished offices, equipped with rest spaces. They expect comfortable armchairs and sofas, warmer fabrics and bright, clean colors; a comfortable space where they feel comfortable and safe, quite like a home office corner. Offices that are oriented towards taking care of the employee are more than workplaces, they are spaces that people want to be in, that foster relationships and are inspiring.

Hana cabin

© .MDD

Color introduced into the relaxation area - Agora modular seating system, Grace armchair

In response to these needs, lighter and warmer colors, often inspired by nature, are appearing in office arrangements. Neutral colors with more intense accents are becoming standard, among which shades of yellow, green, orange, red and blue dominate. Such accents appear in decorations and furniture, above all in chairs and other seats, and sometimes on the floor, bringing joy and warmth to the office space, stimulating creativity and allowing to calm thoughts.

Agora modular seating system, Grace armchair

© .MDD

Colorful accents - Fat Frank armchair with footrest, Baltic series seats

The micro trend of monochromatism, that is, the use of one color in the arrangement, but in its full spectrum, is also slowly developing. Introducing strong colors into a space emphasizes its character, and makes it easier to separate functional zones. At the same time, wood, wood-like materials, fabrics and other natural materials are being introduced into offices instead of hard and cold materials. Decorations rather associated with domestic space are also appearing: plants, graphics on the walls, cushions, carpets, kitchen appliances. Increasingly, employers are also choosing to provide employees with outdoor space - according to the possibilities of the premises: a balcony, terrace or patio, giving them the opportunity to breathe fresh air during their break.

Fat Frank armchair with footrest, Baltic series seats

© .MDD

Outdoor space arrangement - seats and table from the Baltic series

The trend of returning to nature and sustainability is also evident in the design of office spaces. Along with natural materials, plants and natural lighting are appearing in office buildings, having a positive effect on the health and comfort of employees; they filter and purify the air, and soft light is better for the eyes.

Baltic series seating and table

© .MDD

.mdd offers products that fit into the aforementioned trends. All office furniture is adjustable; the height of the tops in the case of desks, and chairs - the position of the seat, back and armrests. Stilt, Mesh and Kaiva sofas and armchairs, in the version with high backs, allow to separate safe space. A similar function is fulfilled by Sonic, Twin and Viva panels, as well as soundproofing booths for meetings and phone calls. The company's offer will fit equally well into lounge areas - quite a few collections, such as Grace or Frank, include comfortable armchairs and sofas. A wide range of finishing materials allows you to configure furniture in any color scheme, including intense shades that will enliven the furnished space.

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