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Stop for a while. Matcha bar in Warsaw

04 of July '22

For many, tea is more than just another beverage - a heroine of a unique ceremony in Chinese culture or even a ritual in Japan, an indispensable companion of autumn evenings with a book, an aromatic habit punctually at five in the afternoon - an attentive moment to oneself.

Moya Matcha Oleandrów znajduje się na warszawskim Śródmieściu herbaty podawane są w ręcznie wykonanej ceramiki z polskich pracowni

Moya Matcha Oleandrów is a matcha bar, tea room and organic tea store in one

Photo: Justyna Doszko

here and now

The techniques of brewing tea, its types and varieties, as well as the ways of serving or the vessels in which it is served, are impossible to count. The common denominator, however, is always that special moment of taking the teapot/ cup/cup/glass in your hand, immersing yourself in its aroma and slowly savoring your favorite flavor.

wnętrze lokalu zatopione jest w jasnym odcieniu zieleni główną bohaterką wnętrza jest matcha

The interior of the premises is sunk in a bright shade of green

photo: Anna Matuszna; photo: Jessica Nadziejko

wabi sabi

In Japanese culture, the brewing ceremony, as Weronika Siuda writes, is accompanied by an atmosphere of silence, intimacy and reverie, each successive step is thought out, predictable in order to more strongly experience what is here and and now, while the interior design, which is the backdrop for the ritual, should adhere to the philosophy of wabi sabi - be minimalist and uncomplicated (wabi refers to simplicity).

wzrok przyciągają regularne, rytmiczne łuki, w które wpisane zostały regały eksponujące dostępne produkty w harmonijne i stonowane tło architektka wkomponowała naturalne materiały

The eye is attracted by the regular, rhythmic arches into which the shelves displaying available products have been inscribed

photo: Jakub Certowicz

This is the atmosphere of a newly opened establishment in Warsaw's Śródmieście district - Moya Matcha Oleandrów - a matcha bar, tea room and organic tea store in one. The author of the interior design of the place, hidden between Polna and Marszalkowska streets, is Julia Jankowska, known for her numerous collaborations with Jan Strumillo. This was the first public interior design created by the architect.

kontrasty we wnętrzu do intensywnego koloru owoców japońskich wiśni nawiązuje część w głębi lokalu ozdobiona wzorzystą tapetą

The intense color of the fruit of Japanese cherries is alluded to by a section in the depths of the premises decorated with patterned wallpaper

Photo: Jakub Certowicz

harmony with nature

From the entrance, the eye is attracted by the regular, rhythmic arches into which the shelves displaying the available products have been inscribed (the individual shelves are enclosed by spun formwork tubes, thanks to which the simple and minimalist furniture gains original detail). The entire small space is sunk in a bright shade of green evoking the main character of the place - powdered matcha tea, extremely popular recently.

In a harmonious and subdued background, the architect incorporated natural materials drawn from the wabi sabi style in the form of stone countertops, wooden chairs and copper accessories (sabi is associated with the natural aging of materials). In turn, the intense color of Japanese cherry blossoms is alluded to by a section deep inside the premises decorated with patterned wallpaper designed by Kasia Skórzyńska, co-founder of the KAASKAS fashion brand.

autorką tapety jest Kasia Skórzyńska detale wnętrza lokalu

The author of the wallpaper is Kasia Skórzyńska

photo: Jakub Certowicz

In the busy everyday life it is worth finding at least a moment to celebrate fleeting moments, preferably in a favorable environment, perhaps with a cup of tea in hand?


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