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Polish Pavilion awarded at London Design Biennale!

02 of June '23

"Poetics of Necessity" is the title of the Polish exhibition at the London Design Biennale, which received the award in the category „The most outstanding overall contribution.” The exhibition was co-created by a team of Poles and Ukrainians.

"The Global Game:Remapping Collaborations" is the theme of this year's London Design Biennale. The design team consisting of Zofia Jaworowska, Michal Sikorski and Petro Vladimirov received „The most outstanding overall contribution” award on June 1, 2023. What did the Polish-Ukrainian team present?

The project selected by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute is related to the BRDA Foundation's activities, which have been underway for several months, and about which Petro Vladimirov and Zofia Jaworowska were interviewed by Alicja Gzowska in the January issue of Architektura & Biznes. Jaworovskaya and Vladimirov began collecting recycled windows that serve the people of Ukraine—including in Kiev, Kharkiv and Kherson. Petro Vladimirov was also interviewed by Kacper Kępiński about the Reconstruction Bureau of Ukraine.

The creation of the „Poetics of Necessity” exhibition began with the collection of windows in England, which were then used in the Pavilion, eventually going to affected families in Ukraine after the exhibition. It's an exhibition that not only addresses the important role of human cooperation in the face of the bestial onslaught of Russian troops in Ukraine, but also the question of how we should responsibly build the future, paying attention to environmental issues or equitable access to goods.

compiled by Wiktor Bochenek

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