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Modern railroad the answer to environmental disaster. First place for students of the Wr. Technical University.

03 of June '20

Competition for young architects and engineers entitled. "The project that connects. The railroad connects us" was won by a team of students from Wroclaw University of Technology, consisting of: Martyna Majer, Milena Szymczak, Magdalena Golina, Mateusz Otto and Agnieszka Strap. Their project entitled. "Rostanice" is a modern railroad station serving magnetic trains!

The competition task was for architects and engineers to jointly design a railroad stop that could be built in a small village. The design should include the station building and infrastructure. From among the submissions, the competition jury decided to award first place to the design of a railroad station in Zloty Stok, a town near the Polish-Czech border. "Rostanice" is a teamwork of architecture students Martyna Majer and Milena Szymczak and students of the Civil Engineering Department: Magdalena Golina, Mateusz Otto and Agnieszka Strap.

sytuacja i położenie dworca plan
zagospodarowania terenu dworca

The proposed station is located in Zloty Stok

© Martyna Majer, Milena Szymczak, Magdalena Golina,
Mateusz Otto, Agnieszka Strap

gold mine station

The "Rostanice" project presents the concept of a railroad station for magnetic trains.
The new station, built in an old gold mine, is located in Zloty Stok near the Polish-Czech border. The railroad station connects the two countries, improving communication and international trade. The projected station makes use of the old mine's tunnels, which are no longer in use, thus minimizing interference with the mountain where it was built. Interestingly, Zloty Stok once had a rail transport system connected to the gold mine. Unfortunately, the infrastructure did not survive the 1997 flood.

According to the authors of the winning project:

The world is on the brink of the precipice of ecological disaster. Decisive action is needed to reverse the fate of humanity. Thus, there is no future for individual road transportation, which emits a large amount of pollution and is inefficient. The solution is public mass transportation, which can be zero-emission and extremely efficient.

dworzec może być rozbudowywany

The station grows with demand

© Martyna Majer, Milena Szymczak, Magdalena Golina,
Mateusz Otto, Agnieszka Strap

construction in stages

The proposed station presents a completely new approach to design. The main communication takes place vertically, and the platforms are arranged one above the other. According to the authors, such a layout facilitates intuitive movement around the facility and makes full use of the space. Importantly, the design includes its phased expansion. In the first stage, one platform is built, which is located at the lowest level. As the railroad develops and road transport is minimized, it will be expanded with additional platforms, piled above each other. This phasing allows for efficient use of space, eliminating the creation of a huge volume at the very beginning of the project.

przekrój dworca w Złotym Stoku

The station is located in the interior of the mountain

© Martyna Majer, Milena Szymczak, Magdalena Golina,
Mateusz Otto, Agnieszka Strap

Read about the expansion of platforms, parametric solutions and kinetics on the next page.

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