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Architectural Award of the Wielkopolska Region. Results announced!

Dobrawa Bies
12 of January '21

The first edition of the Architectural Award of the Wielkopolska Region competition has come to an end. On January 12 this year, during an online conference, we recognized the winners of six competition categories: Architectural Object, House, Common Space, Export Work, Interior and Young Artist. Also awarded was the Audience Award, which was given by Internet users voting on the A&B portal.

For many years, the Poznan architectural community has worked to support the development of Wielkopolska architecture, the aesthetics of urban and rural spaces, and the promotion of the best architectural works of the region. Last year, by the Poznan branch of the Association of Polish Architects and the Wielkopolska Regional Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland , the Architectural Award of the Wielkopolska Region - NAWW - was established, which will be awarded annually to the best architectural works of the region.

Introduction and gala ceremony of the Architecture Award of the Wielkopolska Region

© SARP Poznań

The purpose of the award is to promote the high quality of architecture of the cultural landscape of Wielkopolska, to draw attention to the creation of a coherent and aesthetic spatial image of the region, and to support the development of valuable architectural and urban planning solutions.

Evaluation of the submitted works was carried out by the competition jury consisting of: Przemo Łukasik - Chairman of the jury, medusa group, Wojciech Krawczuk - Front Architects, Karol Fiedor - CDF Architects, Małgorzata Dembowska - architect, SARP Warsaw, Ewa Pawilcka-Garus - architect,Wielkopolska OIA RP, Krzysztof Frąckowiak - architect, Chairman Wielkopolska OIA RP, Grzegorz Piątek - architecture critic, architect, Kamil Białas - editor-in-chief of WhiteMAD, Aida Januszkiewicz-Piotrowska - architect, representative of the Governor of Wielkopolska, and Joanna Maćkowiak - architect, representative of the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region.

It turns out that the whole competition was dominated by young architects, in addition, from outside Poznan! - Karol Fiedor said.

The competition was held in two stages and was divided into six categories. Seventy objects were submitted to the first stage, five projects in each category made it to the second stage, and three architects were nominated in the Young Creator category.

Grand Prix

The competition jury decided to award the Grand Prix to the project for the development of the Konin road pole by Joanna Grześkowiak and Maciej Gierwielec of PROSTO Architects. The realization captured the jury with minimalism and simplicity in thinking about common space.

As we read in the justification of the jury:

The realization shows how a good design can emphasize, emotionally conquer, the importance of the exhibit in the common space while building it up at the same time. The development of the space proposed by the architects does not compete in its message with the artifact, the realization - the project properly relates to the context of the place, creating a beautiful exhibition space. The meander of the road made of corroded sheet metal reminds the viewer, of passing time at the same time emphasizes the importance of the road pole reminding of its functional significance. In the opinion of the Competition Jury, the author showed great sensitivity and flawless assessment of the problem with which he had to face,the modesty of the means of expression used and the effect obtained with it arouses admiration. If we are to witness such realizations, let the fashion for talking about public space - last, last as long as possible.

Grand Prix –
zagospodarowanie konińskiego słupa drogowego

Grand Prix - development of Konin road pole

© PROSTO Architects

TheGrand Prix and at the same time the first place in the Interior category in the voting for the Public Prize went to the Municipal Nursery No. 1 in Wągrowiec by Wojciech Błaszak Architekci.

Żłobek Miejski Nr 1
w Wągrowcu

Grnad Prix of the Audience Award - Nursery School No. 1 in Wągrowiec

© Wojciech Błaszak Architekci

category: architectural object

In the Architectural Object category, first place went to the Communal Cultural Center in Komorninki by Piotr Bartosik of AKPB Architekci. The construction project of the winning building was carried out by APA ARCHES. In a diverse environment, a modern, unobvious solid was created, complementing the existing space in a very balanced way. The award was given for modesty and the creation of a new common public space.

w kategorii obiekt architektoniczny. Gminny Ośrodek Kultury w Komornikach

award in the category Architectural Object - Communal Cultural Center in Komorniki

photo: archive of Komorniki Commune © AKPB Architects

Readers of the A&B portal voted for the Audience Award in this category as the best project, choosing INANI by BURSA Studio. The mobile living space was designed by Kaja Bursa of Poznan University of Technology.

Nagroda Publiczności
w kategorii Obiekt architektoniczny, INANI

Audience Award in the category of Architectural Object - INANI

© BURSA Studio

category: house

As the best house project in the Wielkopolska region, the competition jury recognized the House between the trees in the Nowy Strzeszyn estate by Insomia studio with a team consisting of: Szymon Januszewski, Marta Łykowska, Mikołaj Schwartz and Anna Wajda. All the design elements used resulted in the authors creating a good place to live, and at the same time with very good aesthetics. The jury appreciated the intimate spaces and the maximum use of greenery in the common areas.

w kategorii Dom — Dom między drzewami

Main prize in the House category - House between the trees

Photo: T. Hejna © Insomia

In this category, internet users recognized DOM_POZ_7 by PL.architekci in cooperation with Patrycja Dembowy and Bartosz Stanek as the best realization.

Nagroda Publiczności
w kategorii Dom, DOM_POZ_7

Audience Award in the House category - DOM_POZ_7

© PL.architekci, cooperation: Patrycja Dembowy, Bartosz Stanek

category: common space

The project for the surroundings of the Konin road pole by PROSTO Architekci also received the main prize in the Common Space category. The realization captured the jury with its simplicity in thinking about common space. The road led by the architects shows the passage of time and does not interfere with the exposed road post from the Roman times.

Grand Prix oraz
I miejsce w kategorii Przestrzeń Wspólna — zagospodarowanie konińskiego słupa drogowego

The project to develop Konin's road post won in the Common Space category

© PROSTO Architects

The Audience Award in this category went to the cognitive recreational and tourist trails of the Antoninek forestry in Poznań: The Brewery Trail and the Malta Trail, the design of which is the responsibility of the AN-Architekt design office, Vowie Studio Plus architectural studio and Consultor.

Nagroda Publiczności
w kategorii Przestrzeń wspólna, szlaki w Poznaniu

Audience Award in the Public Space category - the Brewery Route and the Malta Route

© AN-Architekt, Vowie Studio Plus, Consultor

category: export work

The PURO Hotel in Lodz by ASW Architekci was recognized as the best representative work outside the Greater Poland region.

w kategorii Dzieło eksportowe — hotel PURO

Award in the category of Export Work - PURO hotel.

Photo: Tomasz Zakrzewski © ASW Architekci

As Grzegorz Piątek said:

PURO Hotel is an extremely interesting building that has brought order and order into one of the busiest intersections in Lodz [...]. Modern architecture that does not overwhelm the historic neighborhood, on the contrary, it lets it shine.

Meanwhile, the Audience Award went to Kluj Architects, authors of the boutique hotel HotHel.

Nagroda Publiczności
w kategorii Dzieło eksportowe — HotHel

Audience Award in the category of Export Work - HotHel

Photo: Norbert Banaszyk © Kluj Architekci

category: interior

The jury decided to divide the category into two: public interiors and private interiors. In the category of public interiors, the award was given for a realization that puts the development of the youngest in the first place. It was given to the Municipal Nursery No. 1 in Wągrowiec by Wojciech Błaszak Architekci. At the same time, the project received the Grand Prix of the Audience Award.

I miejsce
w kategorii Wnętrze — Żłobek Miejski Nr 1 w Wągrowcu

Award in the category of Public Interior - Municipal Nursery No. 1 in Wągrowiec.

© Wojciech Błaszak Architekci

The award in the private interior category went to Hugon Kowalski of UGO Architecture for his design of BRONEK, an apartment in a Poznan brewery. The jury was captivated by the arrangement of the second mezzanine, where the architect placed a bathtub and well-designed furniture and accessories maintained in a consistent color scheme.

w kategorii Wnętrze prywatne — mieszkanie BRONEK

award in the category Private interior - BRONEK apartment.

Photo: Pion studio © UGO Architecture

category: young artist

An equal award in the Young Artist category went to all nominees Borys Wrzeszcz, Hugon Kowalski and Adam Wiercinski.

In each of them we saw absolute professionalism and experience, all watered down with the kind of nonchalance that characterizes youth [...]. What seemed to us the essential thing about the work of these young artists, which is also a message, is that respect, courage and freshness can reconnect them [...]. It is not right to think about the future within the framework of competition, instead it is worth thinking within the framework of cooperation, because an architect never works alone," said jury chairman Przemo Lukasik.

You can see the full results of the vote for the Audience Award and all projects competing in the competition here.

Dobrawa Bies

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