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Yoga studio full of greenery and design. Yoga Republic in Warsaw

19 of January '21
Technical data
Name: Yoga studio
Investor: Yoga Republic
Location: Poland, Warsaw, Poland.
Studio: workplace
Architects: Barbara Majerska, Marzena Bednarczyk
Design cooperation: Malgorzata Romanowicz
Area : 300 m²
Photos: Adam Grzesik


  • design
  • implementation


A new Yoga Rebulic studio has been built on Zbawix - Warsaw's symbol of diversity. Architects from {tag:pracownie}are responsible for the project. They createda space where yoga practitioners come together not only to practice, but also to deepen relationships and build community.

W Yoga Republic
praktykuje się jogę ashtanga

On the first floor there is an ashtanga room

Photo credit: Adam Grzesik © workplace

ashtanga and design

The main goal of workplace architects was to create a gathering place that supports the collective values of the yoga school. The design assumptions were about the naturalness and sincerity of the design and the openness of the space. The result of the design process conducted together with Yoga Republic founders Przemek Nadolny and Marta Mostowska is an interior focused on users, building interpersonal relationships and the comfort of ashtanga yoga practitioners .

Przestrzeń kawiarni
w studio jogi Sala do ćwiczeń ashtangi

The studio has a friendly and cozy atmosphere

Photo: Adam Grzesik © workplace

This is how designers Marzena Bednarczyk and Basia Majerska describe the studio:

Passing through the threshold, you hurriedly throw off your coat - classes are about to start. You look around and feel that you have come to a place where harmony reigns, and all the burden of the day has been left behind the door that closes behind you. It's cozy and friendly. From the very beginning of the design, this is how the first experience of visiting the yoga studio was shaped in our minds.

parter studia jogi

The first floor is a space for integration

photo: Adam Grzesik © workplace

yoga surrounded by nature

Yoga Republic studio in Warsaw's Śródmieście district is a space that reflects the founders' personalities. There are figurines, carpets and Indian screens everywhere, which Przemek Nadolny brought back from his travels. Visitors are welcomed by the studio's atrium - an area that combines the function of reception and exhibition space. The architects wanted visitors to feel at ease and at home from the entrance. To complete the collective goals, a casual common space and a café area were planned on the first floor - after all, the studio is located on Zbawiciela Square, the social hotspot of Warsaw!

Elementy dekoracyjne
pochodzą z podróży właścicieli

The original decorations were brought back from the trip

Photo: Adam Grzesik © workplace

Full of greenery , the café-social first floor allows a moment of respite and relaxation before classes. Then, climbing the plant-filled staircase, one reaches the exercise space, designed in collaboration with the owners of Yoga Republic. The ashtanga room is associated with tranquility and naturalness. The atmospheric interior allows one to focus on breathing and movement activities in optimal temperature, lighting and humidity - necessary for the practice of this yoga technique. Although a bustling city can be seen outside the windows, the right amount of natural greenery, helps to calm down and soften the stimuli coming from the environment.

elaborated: Dobrawa Bies

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