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Gdynia's Villa Wincent with new interiors!

Wiktor Bochenek
05 of January '22

Villa Wincent was hailed as the best designed interior in Gdynia at the 2019 Gdynia Design Days. Another floor has been created in the modernist house. What will be included in the additional space?

Villa Wincent

The building was constructed in 1929, shortly after Gdynia received its municipal rights. Willa Wincent exemplifies the patterns used by modernist architects in creating multi-family houses. In 2015 the building was bought by Marcin Ryniewicz, Rafal Kaletowskiand Krzysztof Kaletowski. Since then, they have been trying to restore the villa to its former glory.

W33 is a new bar opened on the first floor of Villa Wincent. It owes its name to the building's address - 33 Wincentego Pola St. Next to the bar, there will be a breakfast room and an intimate conference room that can serve as a coworking space.

sala barowa utrzymana
w kolorystyce butelkowej zieleni

bar room kept in the color scheme of bottle green

© ONI Studio

The breakfast room and bar area were created as a natural complement to Villa Wincent's offerings. From the beginning, we realized that the accommodation function alone was definitely not enough. Taking into account the different square meters of the rooms or suites, we wanted all the guests of the villa to feel comfortable. Our intention was to create additional opportunities for spending time. An evening drink with friends on a rainy evening, a quick business meeting over coffee, or working in a different environment than the room - these are, among others, the situations for which the new spaces were created," says Maciej Ryniewicz, architect and designer, founder of the Akurat studio responsible for the design of Villa Wincent.

sala śniadaniowa

The breakfast room - much brighter and colorful

© ONI Studio


The bar room was kept in the color scheme of bottle green. The source of light is small lamps over the bar and tables, giving the interior character. Which is complemented by furniture referring to the Art déco style. The breakfast room is already much brighter. The white walls were complemented with furniture in light, almost pastel colors. The interior has been complemented by unique wooden doors with big red handles. The connecting element between the two spaces are hexagonal tiles in black, white and blue-green.

Speaking of the language of forms and materials, it is a direct extension of the original design intent. So we have a very bright breakfast room, which directly relates to the design of the lower floors of the Villa. The bar room, on the other hand, like the interiors of the top floor, is darker, more mature and atmospheric," explains interior designer Maciej Ryniewicz.

w sali barowej uwagę
przykuwają wyjątkowe lampy

In the bar room, the attention is drawn to the unique lamps

© ONI Studio

This is not the end of the changes at the award-winning Villa Wincent. In the future, the owners and designers want to create a garden, which will include an outdoor eating area, greenery and a play area for the little ones. There are also plans for a rooftop cafe overlooking the sea.

Wiktor Bochenek

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