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Interiors to complement the architecture. House in Łomianki Dolne

01 of September '20

The house in Łomianki Dolne features not only minimalist architecture designed by the MOOMOO studio, but also corresponding interiors by A88 and Tomasz Szponar. The architects referred to the building's white, streamlined facade, while creating cozy spaces suitable for the whole family.

From the very beginning of the design work, the investor was aware of the aesthetics he wanted to surround himself with - he wanted an interior that corresponded to the minimalist facade of the house, while creating a cozy space suitable for the whole family. Hence, the architects at A88 used light, natural wood that appears in almost every room, contrasting with the other monochromatic design elements.

Wnętrze salonu domu
w Łomiankach

Bright, natural wood appears in almost every room

Photo: Adam Grzesik © A88, Tomasz Szponar

The design includes a living room with a kitchenette, an entrance hall, an office room, a guest toilet and a master bedroom for the parents with a private bathroom accessible from it, as well as two children's bedrooms with a shared bathroom. In addition, the designers proposed landscaping the house's surroundings, including an interior glass patio, which is the centerpiece of the building.

Dobrawa Bies: Please tell us about the idea of the house.

A88: The investor livesin the house with his wife, two teenage sons and a dog. The idea of the project was to create a minimalist interior, using simple means of expression, elementary forms and natural materials, and then to break this restrained design by using warm wood, which appears on the floor, furniture, and in places on the walls and ceiling. The above, combined with the soft upholstery materials of the furniture and carpets, and the omnipresent greenery gave, confirmed by the homeowners, a cozy effect.

Widok z salonu

The architects also designed the surroundings of the house

Photo: Adam Grzesik © A88, Tomasz Szponar

Dobrawa Bies: What were the investor's expectations and needs?

A88: From the very beginning, after talking with the investor and exchanging inspirations together, we knew that cooperation would be a pure pleasure and we would understand each other perfectly. The whole family likes to surround themselves with well-designed spaces and objects, we noticed this during discussions about the project, when choosing materials and accessories. Working on the project was a pure pleasure - very aesthetically conscious investors, clarified expectations, and above all - just extremely nice people.

Wnętrze salonu Drewniane schody w domu

The design challenge was to cope with the existing architecture

Photo: Adam Grzesik © A88, Tomasz Szponar

Dobrawa Bies: What gave you the most satisfaction in creating this project, and what was the biggest challenge?

A88: The challenge was certainly dealing with the existing architecture, with which the interior design was to correspond on the one hand, and on the other to complement it and humanize it a bit more. It is interesting to note that the investor - a programmer by profession, has in the meantime discovered a passion for carpentry and is the contractor for most, if not all of the furniture buildings in the project.

elaborated: Dobrawa Bies

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