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#YoungPolisharchitects - Adam Wiercinski on starting out in the profession

08 of September '22

The text is from 07-8/22 A&B.

In our #Mlodzipolscyarchitekci series, we ask questions to young architects about the problems and conditions facing young people after graduation.

Licenses - why are young architects reluctant to get them?

I think they want to, but it depends on their development path. I started without an office practice, with smaller projects. I got carried away by the spontaneous wave of diversity of subjects and it knocked me out of the rhythm of applying for authorizations. I gained practice on my own projects and will do entitlements.

Conditions for practicing the profession for young people

On the one hand, difficult. This is a profession in which one gains experience for a long time and waits years for realizations. The project will not be created without a client and money, and the client, if he has it, will bypass those just starting out in the first place, and this reflects on the hygiene of design work.On the other hand, it is a creative profession and the conditions for practicing it are the result of many individual characteristics.

Easier start in the profession, that is?

Referring to the first question - give entitlements after graduation from university, as in Denmark, set mandatory minimum rates for projects, lower software prices to start with, and create an official PB template to fill out like an application for electricity.

Adam Wiercinski


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