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The answers to questions about the transformation of architecture, design and social change can be found in publications on architecture. On the A&B portal we present the latest and most interesting books with architecture in the background.


daily life

The lifestyle of modern man undoubtedly affects how the space around him is shaped. Everyday objects are supposed to be not only functional, but also aesthetic and even beautiful. In recent years, the way human relationships are built has also changed. "Common Plants" is the latest publication of the Gdynia City Museum. It focuses not only on the subject of growing and caring for flowers on the staircases of Gdynia's housing estates, but above all on the social aspect resulting from taking care of these plants together.


A growing number of galleries and museums are being established around the world. Modern and interactive institutions are opening up that can bring history or art to visitors like never before. Museums are ceasing to be staid and boring, opening up to people and satisfying their curiosity. The process of transformation of museums is presented by Katarzyna Jagodzinska in her latest book "New places of new art in Central Europe". Pointing out, among other things, the social and political reasons for the changes.