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Once a Społem store and now a modern bakery. PLON in Wroclaw

Dobrawa Bies
01 of August '22
Technical data
Name: PLON bakery
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Wroclaw
Studio: N’concept
Architect: Natalia Adamczyk
Photography: Almond studio
Area: 110 m²
Calendar: 2021-2022

In Wroclaw, a PLON bakery has been established in the place of the former Społem store. The premises, designed by Natalia Adamczyk of studio N'concept, is a praise of craftsmanship, minimalism and a break with the typical bakery look. Look out for a ceiling made entirely of brass and bakery ovens decorated with real wheat grain.

Miedziany sufit przyciąga wzrok Minimalistyczne wnętrze piekarni

The interior is dominated by such materials as concrete, steel, brass and wood

photo: MIGDAŁ studio © N'concept

authenticity and a break with stereotypes

The design of the PLON bakery in Wroclaw reflects the values of its owner. The minimalist interior is a praise of craftsmanship and a break with tradition.

The investor was keen on authenticity - exposing the production facilities so as not to hide anything from customers. He also didn't want the bakery to look stereotypical, i.e. with light wood and emphasizing bakery traditions, because he himself breaks the rules in his recipes and technology, moves away from tradition and relies on minimalism. All these assumptions were to be reflected in the interior," says Natalia Adamczyk.

The architect decided to expose the entire process of bread making, using such materials as, concrete, steel and patinated brass. The nobility of the whole concept is added by wooden details, the color of which, according to the author, brings to mind the characteristic crispy crust of bread.

„Przyprószona mąką” lada do ekspozycji wyrobów cukierniczych Piekarnia PLON, rzut

The bakery was built in place of the Społem store

photo: MIGDAŁ studio © N'concept

Formerly a Społem store and now a modern bakery

The bakery was created in the former Społem store, whose space was quite a design challenge. It was characterized by a low coffered ceiling, irregular projection and a lot of exposed installations. The main functional-spatial assumption of the new premises, was to open up its space and the already mentioned exposition of the entire process of bread production. The architect, referring to the production machinery, decided to use stainless steel. Its cool color is the base of the whole project, appearing on the surface of the monolithic floor, covered with micro-cement, as well as the walls finished with fleshy textured plaster. In keeping with the principle of breaking with tradition, the cool steel was juxtaposed with warm, natural brass.

 Sufit wykonano z miedzianych modułów Charakterystyczna, autorska lampa i logo piekarni w tle

The ceiling was made of copper modules

Photo: MIGDAŁ studio © N'concept

brass ceiling

There were many design challenges when working on the bakery, as is usually the case with individual projects, where we look for unusual solutions. Here it was, first of all, a pure brass ceiling, where even sourcing the material was difficult. Then finding a contractor with an "artistic flair" to prepare the finished panels. We used an unusual technology on the sales counter - liquid brass. Based on numerous trials, we arrived at an effect that matched visually and was durable enough to be a working surface. Another challenge for the contractors was to cover the walls of the furnace development with wheat grain and secure it to still look natural," the architect says of the challenges.

The ceiling created from the modules is covered with patina, reflections and abrasions, so that its surface appears to be rippling under the heat coming out of the baking ovens. Meanwhile, its mirrored surface in places, strongly reflecting the light, optically elevates the space.

Wygięta form lady została pokryta mikrocementem Minimalistyczne siedzisko i stolik

The interior of the premises is dominated by round, soft forms

photo: MIGDAŁ studio © N'concept

wavy forms, grains and ears

The interior of the premises is dominated by round, soft forms alluding to the bakery's visual identity. The main counter draws attention with its liquid brass finish. Its simple body is split by a glass display case exposing the baked goods, and the bottom is complemented by a panel of dark-colored milled wood.

The second counter is a monolithic, curved form, whose surface, covered with micro-cement with fine speckling, gives the impression of being lightly dusted with flour. This counter is a setting for confectionery baked goods and an additional workspace. Its accent is added by the linear, curved form of the lamp.

Logo piekarni rzuca cień na posadzkę Ściany pieca zostały pokryte prawdziwym ziarnem

The casing of the ovens is decorated with wheat grains

photo: MIGDAŁ studio © N'concept

The restaurant hides a few more flavors - including a stove casing decorated with natural wheat grains, entrance door handles in the shape of a wave recognizable to PLON, as well as decoration in the form of pots with ears of last.

On sunny days, a shimmering PLON inscription appears on the smooth surface of the floor like a pale canvas, casting the bakery's logo as a shadow. Despite the raw materials used, the interior of the premises envelops with a pleasant radiant warmth, inviting passersby inside. I'm proud that the project was realized without compromise, down to the smallest detail. All the ideas that arose in my head and the vision of the climate of the bakery have come to fruition," Natalia Adamczyk concludes.

Dobrawa Bies

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