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The bedroom through the eyes of architects - some ideas for storage

30 of June '20

The bedroom is most often a room hidden from the gaze of guests, a place where no one but the householder looks into. It is not only a zone of rest and regeneration , but also - because of its isolation - a place to store various things that do not always manage to arrange in other parts of the apartment. Here are some ideas for a capacious closet or closet.

A free-standing closet, a custom-made piece of furniture, a walk-in closet - which solution for the bedroom is most often chosen and what do specialists recommend? Three interior designers share their experiences.

first-choice solution: closet

From the experts' experience, it is clear - if the living space allows it, we opt for a separate closet located near the bedroom. This solution is also unanimously recommended by architects, and for the unconvinced, Malgorzata Karaś-Jamrocha spreads such a vision:

If only we have such an opportunity - I suggest a walk-in closet. There is no denying that it is loved primarily by women. They like to feel like the heroine of a movie, who enters the kingdom of her clothes, looks at herself in the large mirror, looks at the illuminated showcase with shoes and one by one juxtaposes her clothing acquisitions with accessories in the form of handbags, belts and jewelry. Such a dressing room is a dream for many of us. I know this from my female clients!

Garderoba do sypialni - nowoczesna garderoba

The design of a dressing room is now as important as the design of a kitchen or bathroom, and as in their case, there is no ready-made template for interior design

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Why? First of all, because of the incredible functionality and unlimited possibilities to personalize storage solutions and their aesthetics. For an architect, the most comfortable situation is when he has the opportunity to create a closet design from the beginning, having an influence on the layout of the partition walls already at the stage of house construction. And according to Małgorzata Karaś-Jamrocha, the design of a closet is now as important as the design of a kitchen or bathroom, and as in their case there is no ready-made template for interior design. What is decisive here are preferences within the framework of storing clothes - some prefer a lot of rods with backlighting for hangers, others predominantly shelves on which T-shirts and sweaters lie arranged according to the color scheme.

Agnieszka Pasieka-Adamek of Atoato Design Studio also recommends lots of rods and drawers, especially when we don't like ironing and don't want to bend down to the lower shelves.

Drawers are the best choice for lingerie, jewelry or shoes - you can see everything as if it's there. And since there is often a lack of light in the dressing room, I recommend using leds to illuminate shelves, rods and drawers, so that you can also choose the right clothes after dark and be able to change quickly.

Meanwhile, architect Ewa Tatar points out another practical aspect. The more spacious the dressing room, the greater the absorption of dust. Therefore, when deciding on fashionable open cabinets, it is worth using them at the bottom, where they are easy to clean, while in the upper parts it is better to plan closed zones. The architect also suggests thinking about a dressing room connected to the bathroom or a walk-through one, between the bedroom and the bath room, which create a functional circulation line.

Szafa na wymiar do sypialni

The more spacious the closet, the greater the dust absorption

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